New Thomas White Cover

Thomas writes: Second of two Fountains of Wayne covers I did last year to pay tribute to Adam Schlesinger. I struggled to find a home for them then my friend Mark offered to make them part of his Friday Covers series, which was just so obviously perfect, he being the person who basically introduced me to FoW…. Photo is NY 2005 when Brakes first went to America, taken from a hotel room opposite Penn Station 💙

New Thomas White Cover

Thomas writes: On the anniversary of Adam Schlesinger’s untimely passing, here’s a cover of Fountains Of Wayne’s gorgeous i-95, recorded specially for The Friday Covers project (all proceeds go to HelpMusicians)… I think this is the first thing I’ve put out (musically) since last April, so here goes… Enjoy 🙂

Thee Infinite Kiss

Update from Thomas White on Thee Infinite Kiss:

This is now available as audio only, in six bitesize thirty-minute chunks. Roughly seventeen years of musical exploration that didn’t make it onto an album proper, condensed into a three-hour mixtape. I can’t stress enough – if you’re interested in what I do, this shows about a million times more of the process than most of any finished albums do. Some of it is kinda cringe and I love that. Some of it is pure head music too.

P.S. Well done America ❤

Thomas White produces Ella Janes

Last year I spent a handful of days up in the softly rolling Cotswold hills with Ella and engineer Hugh Fielding making this record – my first production work outside of my own bands/projects. The record is out today and it’s wonderful to see it finally emerge out into the world. I really fell for Ella’s songs and singing/playing. She is unflinching when it comes to writing from the heart about deeply personal stuff, and I think if you’re going to choose to work in an area as potentially un-challenging as the world of singer-songwriters, this sort of needs to be a prerequisite. Needless to say, the songs are incredibly deep, personal, full of bright detail and underscored by her painterly arrangements. Everything just so, nothing extraneous. It was a total pleasure to be involved and I’m super proud of how the record turned out. Big love. Give it a spin….. Thomas xxx

Message from Thomas White

A message ♥️🙏♥️🙏

To everyone who was hopeful to see us at a show this month, it is heartbreaking not to be coming to play you our songs, and we are truly sorry for the deeply scary, upsetting and uncertain circumstances. We would have been leaving tomorrow for France 😥😥😥

It looks like after a long 6 weeks of fear and anxiety and tears we are finally beginning to see a light at the end of this. I’ve been speaking to promoters on and off for the past month trying to ascertain if there is any point in rescheduling for this year and we are now tentatively slotting dates in for October. I should have a full tour run ready to announce within a week or two, and as ever it will be our absolute pleasure to return to France, and also to honour our Oslo London show. I’ll get the dates announced as soon as possible and we will all need to keep every finger and toe crossed.

In the meantime I just want to extend my personal love, light, gratitude and strength to every last one of you. It has been incredibly painful to be separated from my brother and father over the past two months (hence that a proper house concert was not only technically impossible but also I think would have been too emotionally raw/stressful for me and Al) and I’m sure many of you have endured similar painful distances from family and loved ones. I know some of our friends have also lost loved ones to this virus. The pain of not being able to say goodbye with a proper funeral is beyond my comprehension. I can only offer my purest love, support and light to you and your families. Likewise to those friends of ours working on the frontline for the NHS and for health services around the world, you have literally laid your lives on the line for others. Again I can only speak directly from my heart to yours with pure gratitude and love. Words don’t readily suffice.

There have been days I wasn’t sure I could endure that torment any longer, which is an almost impossible feeling to communicate. The day I can cook my family and friends a huge meal and all sit down together will be a beautiful day indeed. If you’re struggling, try to really invoke those dreams and hold on to the promise that those days will come around again sooner rather than later. I know it can sound like trite advice when you’re at your lowest but it really has helped me these past few days.

Love to you all, and thank you from both of us for your continued support through these strange, strange times. We will come out the other end and I do believe we’ll be stronger, somehow ♥️

Thomas xxx