Fuchsia Days plays with The Twang

Honoured to be asked to dep once again (this time on bass) with The Twang for their monster run of Xmas dates this year. I absolutely fucking love these boys and girls and cannot wait. Shows already selling out but anyone in the area do give me a shout and come down. Gonna be lovely to round off a fucking crap year of lockdowns and financial worry with a bunch of fun shows πŸ’ž


Fuchsia Days Calendar

Hi, Fuchsia here. Just swooping by to say I have a few of my 2022 calendars left. It will look beautiful on your wall and when you’re coming down in the dark, early days of the new year it will remind you of how nice Brighton looks in the heat of summer. In fact it roughly follows the arc of the seasons as you go through the year. I have a few left so pls buy them.


Also, yesterday I got into full drag for the very first time, courtesy of my babe Frankie Fann / Frankie Rooney – utter genius with the πŸ’„. I have no words for the feeling. We figure she’s my drag mama now. Either way she’s birthed a monster πŸ‘Ή The Fuchsia Is Now

Fuchsia Days 2022 Calendar

Taken the leap and compiled some of my paintings of Brighton into a calendar for 2022. These have turned out so beautiful and are onsale now from Chord Orchard. Proud moment! Thanks to anyone who ever said encouraging things about my art, but special thanks to my dad for his endless support and enthusiasm around my creative work. He is why I do it.

Due to these selling out so quick I’ve ordered a very small second run for anyone who missed out. These will take a little while so anyone ordering from today onwards will receive their items in around a week to ten days. Thank you so much for supporting my art. This is all so encouraging and just makes me want to create MORE. Big love to you all, and I’ll start getting the initial orders out from tomorrow. ❀ xxxx


Fuchsia Days aka Thomas White at Abbey Road

Two days making utterly gorgeous sounds at Abbey Road. That’s a fucking Psaltery in the first picture. It’s been an absolute blast. I was last here exactly half my life ago, doing some re-records for The American Adventure in 2003. Insane place. There was an orchestral session on in Studio 1 and I managed to sneak in there and get a pic. Magic around every corner. The mic we used was a late 1940s U47. Shoving my shitty voice through actual history. Amazing πŸ‘

Guided By Voices tribute band show

Fuchsia Days (Thomas White) writes: So its 2021 and I’ve joined a Guided By Voices tribute band. Dream come true basically. We play London tomorrow, setlist leaning heavily on Under The Bushes and Isolation Drills. πŸ‘Œ

Guided By Voices + Strokes album party feat: BOP + CotB + Is That… It?

Stag’s Head Hoxton. More info: