Incendiary Interview We’ve just been doing a residency in our home town and the reaction has just blown our socks off. We simply cannot wait to get out there and play to all the beautiful people who came and saw us last time round… We’ve got new material on the way.

‘IATP Flight 011’ Podcast: Hear about the making of Holes In The Wall and the White brothers new project Clowns only on IATP Flight 011 – Listen on iTunes (5/29/11 show)

Excerpts at Youtube: ESP talks about The American Adventure and No Need To Be Downhearted

‘Hand In Hand’ Podcast: Live track by Thomas White, from the Jubilee Square show: Mixcloud

No Need To Be Downhearted

No Need To Be Downhearted Archive There’s a page of 2007 interviews with quotes from each, back to just before the album release. Much wisdom from the Brothers White right at your fingertips. Visit the Archive to read the overview of the Downhearted era through the press. Includes Radio Sessions + Transcripts. Scroll down for the Album Reviews.

Blue It Is – 2007 Nostalgia

I am currently back in 2007 listening to the audio again after reposting some of the transcripts — Electric Soft Parade Archive — This is a very personal fan experience I hope you’ll share with me. It’s always better when it’s just you and them in a room, no-one else involved. Record labels will come and go (why is it they usually go) but the last few hours have reminded me that somehow or another, we will always have ESP. I like nothing better than re-reading through the interviews. They’re playing Blue It Is in session on Tom Robinson in 2007. It will bring a lump to your throat with its pure melancholy. You should turn off the tv, put your headphones on and remember just how good they are, were and will be again: Listen Here Come Back Inside from the same session also deserves a play for its soothing lyrics which I’ll post below: Listen Here (also includes the interview)

The noise has stopped – traffic’s still
They want to move, but never will
The sun is going down

Pavements filled with people’s lives
Too much talk, too much surprise
You’re never on your own

And when it’s time, you’ll leave your cares behind you
Just close your eyes, and let the dreams remind you…

Darkness lifts, the day begins
Whatever’s left must stay within, so no-one else will know
The way you are when we’re alone – the way your face could never show
That nothing’s changed at all

And when it’s time, you’ll leave your cares behind you
Just close your eyes, and let the dreams remind you
That when you’re mine, the world just turns without us
Come back inside, there’s nothing out there for us

FM4 Interview & Session

Electric Soft Parade had an interview and session on FM4 in Austria.

Interview, Silent To The Dark, Shore Song, Come Back Inside

Read a transcription A few quotes from it: FM4: You’re a family on tour? TW: Kind of, except our parents aren’t here and our cat isn’t here either. FM4: I think a lot of things happened in those 6 years, since you recorded your first album. How can you describe it, what’s your mood, how’s it going with the band and being on tour? TW: Well I think the whole kinda musical climate’s changed, there’s a lot more bands, there’s millions, thousands more bands than there were when we first started out. So you can look at that one of two ways; you can look at it as in it’s over saturated and it’s impossible to get yourself noticed, or you can look at it as there’s loads of bands and most of them are pretty rubbish so it makes us look better, which is kind of how I see it. Sorry. But yeah. FM4: After 6 years, you started when you were 16 and you were 18, you’re still very very young, so does it sometimes feel like “all my adult life has been playing in a rock n roll band”, that’s a little strange sometimes? A: It is quite weird, you ask about making money and stuff, if we can make money off it. We do other things, I’ve got a job and I play with a band called The Pipettes. Tom plays with various other bands and does his own solo project as well. We’ve got loads of things going on, we then come back and do Soft Parade.