Thomas White 2023 Calendar

She here, babestations. Looking marvellous in all her glory. Shipping from tomorrow. Ltd edition of just 60. Once they gone they gone 😍😘


New calendar by Thomas White

Thomas writes: Orders open from next week. Been a delight putting this together. This year’s calendar draws heavily from my 2020 trip to Malta and the intervening years. It influenced me hugely. I hope it brings much joy. Will post link when it’s up ✌️

Thomas White talks about drumming

Thomas White writes: Hitting things is my happy place. The weird midpoint between being near-anonymous up the back and being the person steering the whole thing. Drumming is sort of uniquely demanding, stressful and extremely fun/rewarding when it goes well. It’s also keeping me extremely fit. This tour has been an absolute dream and I’ve said many times to myself and others that I’m simply extremely lucky and grateful that I still have work coming in, keeping me fresh and engaged and energised. Also just slaying it every night, which is a great feeling. @seapowerband have treated me so well too, which is a massive bonus and hugely appreciated. It has been an honour to play their fucking brilliant music for a couple of weeks. A total pleasure and privilege. Brighton tonight then!!