The Waeve Live Review

They’ve certainly hit gold signing The Waeve, the new band from Rose Elinor Dougall and Blur’s Graham Coxon. Their set is the best-attended of the night, as people trawl around Brighton for The Great Escape’s vast array of music in different venues. This outfit has some fine songs, although I only caught two titles, one of which is a slowie announced as “Big Idea”, in which Coxon plays a lovely Roxy Music-style sax duet with a female band member (who also plays keys and violin at various points).

Dougall, heavily pregnant in a long, loose black’n’white-mottled dress attends a keyboard, while Coxon, ever-suited like a reprobate beat popster, is on guitar, at which he’s remarkable, pulling out compact new wavey slashes. The pair pass the front-person role easily back’n’forth. At the back, there’s a bassist and, on drums, Thomas White of The Electric Soft Parade, both tight-wiring the rhythm.