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Maven Grace Interview

Maven Grace Interview (click link below to read)

Maven Grace: We’ve all known each other a long time. Tom and I first met when we were in different bands signed to the same label as teenagers. My first national tour was supporting him, actually. I remember thinking that our dressing room at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire was even more spacious than the one at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen.

Maven Grace Reviews

Coupled with a whimsical / slightly creepy filmic Official Video, that feels like a collision between David Lynch and Norman Z. McLeod, the infinitely dreamy “Lone Star” from UK’s artful Maven Grace plays like a fever dream. As press notes reveal this orchestral pop imagining was recorded at Bryan Ferry’s Avonmore Studios and “inspired by a conversation between the Roxy Music frontman and Maven Grace’s Henry Jack”.

There is so much to love here. The production is thankfully sparse only swelling when it needs to and that aesthetic leaves room for the layers to breathe, for the tender vox to shine. Unfortunately there seems to be a tendency for a lot of productions to go the other way, to layer their cake so heavily that any narrative that was once evident is deat and buried but not here.

What remains is absolutely stunning and beautifully presented, sometimes a bit sideways and I love that. Listening I thought of other artists like Cocteau Twins, like The Kinks, like ELO, like Paul McCartney and Wings, like The Moody Blues and even Echo and the Bunnymen not because Maven Grace sounds like any of these artists in particular but because I feel slivers of creativity as malleable as mercury coursing through the veins of this song. An creative attitude and acuity that they all seem to share. A similar artistic gene pool so to speak.

Maven Grace are Mary Home, Henry Jack and Tom White (of Electric Soft Parade and Brakes). From Press notes: [ A redemptive requiem, born of love and loss, Maven Grace’s breath-taking debut album “Sleep Standing Up” is dropping on March 3rd, 2023. For Henry, Mary and Tom, the themes of bereavement, divorce and finding strength to keep going, permeate lilting pop structures and expansive orchestral flourishes throughout their debut album. ]

We have premiere. Maven Grace, shares her single, Lone Star.

The song has a light tone with a good load of chords and psychedelic sounds, which will be in charge of conquering those followers and fans of the genre.

Lone Star is a good mid-week addition, if you need to spice up your playlist then you need to check it out.

Maven Grace Review

The British trio Maven Grace, made up of Henry Jack, Mary Home and Tom White, released the single “Lone Star” on January 11th.

For Henry, Mary and Tom, themes of grief, divorce and the strength to carry on, permeate sing-song pop, and structure with extensive orchestral flourishes throughout their debut album.

“All of these songs have a sense of hope and empowerment,” says Mary.
“When people listen, I want them to understand that the real message of the songs is ‘Trust me, it gets better.
Just keep going and things will change.
In a way, the band itself embodies this idea, because we are very old friends who support each other. »

An orchestral pop, this song was inspired by a conversation between Roxy Music frontman and Maven Grace’s Henry Jack.

A redemptive requiem, born of love and loss, Maven Grace jaw-dropping debut album, “Sleep Standing Up,” is announced for March 3, 2023.
We look forward…

Maven Grace Interview

Thomas White writes: Debut Maven Grace record drops in March. Its been a total pleasure being involved in this, and extremely exciting that its finally seeing the light of day. Second album is now nearing completion so there’s a bunch of stuff coming your way this year. Eek 🙌 💗

Here’s an interview…

Maven Grace – Sleep Standing Up LP

Thomas White writes: This is so unbelievably exciting. I’ve spent a large part of the last five years involved in this record, making it with Henry and Mary. Chris Hughes came in for the last year and basically took the whole thing over the finish line, mixing, producing, shaping our songs into this here record. It’s really, really good 💗