Interlocutor live at Meadowlands feat Alex White

Interlocutor play the Steely Dan song “Doctor Wu” and their own song “Roles Reversed” (this has touches of ESP chords-wise – starts approx 5 mins) Please share…

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Interlocutor live in Brighton feat Alex White

Debut headline show from INTERLOCUTOR, the new band from Alex White, playing their debut album live in it’s entirety. Here’s a video from the end of the show.

Thomas White videos from Levellers Tour

Videos by DGLEVUM

I’ll See You In My Dreams (Joe Brown) Stroud 28th November

Come All Ye (Fairport Convention) Southend 24th November

15 Years (Levellers) Bridgwater 18th November

Another song from Bridgwater 18th November: Watch Video

Thomas also joined the Levellers and Dunstan Bruce (Chumbawamba) onstage for Tubthumping.

Video by alistairburns – Colchester 23rd November

More ‘Tubthumping’ videos by DGLEVUM

Stroud 28th Nov: Watch Video – Bridgwater 18th Nov: Watch Video

Video by decemberbirthdaygirl

Stroud 28th Nov: Watch Video

Video by motr1912

Shrewsbury 27th Nov: Watch Video

Video by diverbloke

Northampton 11th Nov: Watch Video

Thomas demonstrates his Brompton Bicycle

TW: So I’ve been asked to discuss the various benefits of being on a sleeper bus. There are many, as you can see it’s huge, 16 bunks or something. Firstly, you get to wake up in a bunk and you’re generally just outside the venue, so it’s the laziest kind of touring. And you’ve got a kind of extended dressing room after the show, so as soon as you get kicked out of the venue, everyone piles in. Also, you can bring your bike on tour which is very good for me because I’m on a new keep fit regime (I’m not really, it’s a load of rubbish) You can bring your Brompton and do a bit of sight-seeing…

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Thomas stands in on bass for the Levellers

TW: So, where do I start? The Northampton Roadmenders; I had a pretty good gig. Obviously I’m on before the Levs, so I’m supposedly warming the crowd up but that’s not really how it’s been working. Anyway, I do my best and they kind of bear with me if you like, which is very kind of them. So I did my set; everything’s fine, tickety-boo. Get off, get all my gear off. I was actually having a conversation for about an hour with Jeremy before I went on about the various sicknesses that can occur when you’re on tour. Your immune system’s down anyway, you maybe overdo it a little. He mentioned to me in 20 years of playing with the Levellers he’d never cancelled a show or pulled a show for being sick. So about 5 songs into the Levellers set I think I’ll sneak out the back and try and find a shop nearby. As I’m doing this, I see Jeremy stumble down the back stairs of the stage looking extremely disorientated, just not himself at all, in the middle of the set. The rest of the guys try and carry on, doing an acoustic song or two. They ask for a paramedic in the venue. Essentially I ended up having to stand in for Jeremy on about 8 songs which was extremely nerve-wracking but very fun. I didn’t want to enjoy it too much because all the while there was the thought that he may actually be dead or something backstage. So it was half ‘this is amazing and exciting and wild and quite terrifying’ also the fact that someone you love is going through a real bad time. That balance to be struck (he also talks about a stage invader) Thank you Northampton, we had a lovely time. Onwards and upwards…

Thomas White on tour with Levellers video

TW: I’ve done a lot of work with bands I play in at The Metway in Brighton, the studio that the Levellers run, so I’ve got to know them over the years. Mark had been saying for years “come on tour with us” and it never happened… It has, finally! (followed by short soundcheck clip) He’s on tour with them from 9th to 28th November.

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Thomas White Video + Audio, March 2010

Guildford Boileroom, 31st March by mattytheduke – Scroll down for recent radio show audio.

Dermot O’Leary, 20th March – Shaun Keaveny stands in: Fan recordings of the songs Thomas covered and the interview: Transcript here

Warren Zevon’s Accidentally Like A MartyrMark Linkous of Sparklehorse, Maria’s Little Elbows

Interview Part OneInterview Part TwoInterview Part Three

XFM Xposure with John Kennedy, 17th March: Fan recordings of just the songs Thomas covered, not the interview (the sound was distorted) Transcript here

Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, Maria’s Little ElbowsGuided by Voices, Game Of Pricks

I’ll See You In My Dreams, from the twenties hit parade