Chain Migration by The Fiction Aisle

Hey you lovely lot.

I’ve ummed and ahhed about how to put this out, and it was increasingly clear that I needed to release it as it is – no re-records. And so, this is an opportunity to hear my songs as they are before things get honed, ideas whittled down, and I basically shave off all the weirdness/awkwardness, or as much as I need to to be comfortable with people hearing it. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of something when it’s in this state, but right now I need to challenge myself and see what comes of it. It’s always a thrill to release new music, but this has the added nerve of being much, much rawer than I’d usually deem releaseable. Some of the songs took months to write, but there’s an immediacy throughout these mixes that I think I lost on the last one. I hope you go with me, wherever I’ve gone. And if not, I’ll still have been on a valuable lil’ trip, damn right.

Thomas xxx


Thomas White on Maven Grace

Thomas White: Kept this schtum for as long as I can but le chat is well and truly out of le sac. I’m helping these guys make their debut record at present and this is the new single – Goldfrapp remix coming out in the coming weeks. Dang exciting. Say hello to Maven Grace ❤💙💚💛💜

Part 1 Recording Diary

Part 1 of our exclusive Pledgers-only recording diary/blog/video, It’s Turtles All The Way Down, just went live! You’ll get a pretty darn in-depth view into the process via the blog itself, as well as clips of the process as it happens and tasters of the music as it comes into being. Part 1 features the story so far, plus a lovely little snippet of track 3 from the record. You gotta PLEDGE to be in on this!! To all you Pledgers thus far, happy watching/listening/reading! Part 2 coming your way in a few weeks….

Zahara featuring Thomas White

New single (and forthcoming album) from Spanish singer Zahara features 3/5 of your very own ESP – Alan Grice on keys, me on drums, whole thing produced and mixed by Matthew Twaites. Is she saying “cheese-steaks”? Anyway, we had a ball doing it, and it’s a total pop banger. That chorus. LUSH.
Thomas xx

Message from Electric Soft Parade

We have added House Concerts to the Pledge page, and there are now only a few left, so if you’d like us to come to your house and play a lil’ show of your favourite tunes (+ Theme from Golden Girls: Thank You For Bein’ A Frend) then snap theze up. Compared to how much it would cost you to get Betty White to swing by your place and belt out some tunes, we are quite inexpensive, and our surname is also White, so everyone’s a winner. Anyone else, if ya haven’t Pledge-ed yet, now’s the time – we’re about to begin our super-exclusive video-blog-documentin’ the makin’ of th’ rec’rd-thingy via our Pledge page, and you do not want to miss out!!!! T&A xxx

Message from Electric Soft Parade

Just to let you know we have *slightly* messed shit up regarding our Pledge page, and will be duly reopening the campaign for a further week or so. We need to hit our target, otherwise this ain’t gonna happen, so at the request of various people on here, we’ll be adding the option to book Alex and I for a private show at your house/the venue of your choice. Lots of people have asked for this over the years, so it seems only fair! Set list of your choice, of course. We need to push this bad boy up to 100% if the record is gonna happen, so let’s do this. We’ll update y’all with new links and stuff over the weekend, but in the meantime please accept our apologies for being ever so slightly flakey. This is all new to us and we’re old buggers now. AS YOU WERE!

Thomas ❤💙💚💛💜

New Electric Soft Parade Album

Alex and I just want to say a brief THANK YOU to everyone who pledged money for this new record we’re making. The campaign ended last night and we made 75% of our (admittedly perhaps optimistic) target! We cannot thank everyone who has pledged money upfront and bought little weird add-ons and extras enough – you are the folks who have given us the OOMPH we needed to get this show on the road, and it’s happening!!! It will all go towards making the super-crazy-good record of our dreams. Despite not hitting our target, we have already begun tracking the record and are actually a few songs in now – it’s sounding peachy. Once again, thank you to everyone who has pledged right from the start, and we cannot wait to begin sharing snippets of where we’re at with you over the coming weeks.
Thomas ❤

London Show 25 July


By way of teeing up this new record, the dudes at Pledge invited us to come play their club night in July, and we’re gonna do it with bells on. The format of the evening will be a typically heroic ESP show, in two halves (no support), giving you guys the audience ample opportunity to ask us anything you like and request even the most obscure B-side/cover. NO LIMITS. We have been warned.

Tickets are £15 and available exclusively through our Pledge page here:

Tom & Al

New Electric Soft Parade Shows

In a truly bizarre bit of circle-completing, we’ll be joining our childhood HEROES Ultrasound for three co-headline shows later this year. I was obsessed with them around 1997/1998, as they released a string of increasingly wonderful singles leading up to their debut. “Everything Picture” might have been a bit long (the track, not the album) but they had the tunes. Serious tunes. I remember them all fondly. It’s gonna be surreal and brilliant to share a stage with them after all these years. ❤
Who was at their headline show at Pavilion Theatre in 1999? 2 free tickets to whoever can tell me who supported that night!!!! ESP Facebook

BEDFORD, 23rd Nov:
LONDON, 24th Nov: