Electric Soft Parade: The End?

andrewdsweeney.wordpress.com Live Review 15th April: “Unfortunately, just before the end, Thomas announced that Electric Soft Parade were going to be no more. After that gig, that’s it – the last time they were ever going to be playing in the UK, ever… Still, we have a new, upcoming Alex White solo album coming up. Thomas has a new group and we’ll hopefully hear something new from him soon, too”

Update from the ESP Facebook (click link for full thing) “…with IDIOTS we genuinely feel like we’ve made the musical and artistic statement of our career – songs, production, singing, writing, playing, lyrics, arrangements. Yet there’s a feeling of not knowing quite where to go next when you’ve just nailed what you’ve been trying to achieve for so many years… The reality is that we are moving on. My new project has taken a year or so to evolve into something tangible, but it’s taking shape now, and I’m massively excited about it. Alex, on the other hand, has just written and recorded the album of his life… The irony is we’re now working together more than ever, and f***ing loving it. I’ll certainly be giving Al a bell when I need a drummer. So, what next for The Electric Soft Parade? There’s a possibility of a few more shows dotted throughout the year, and we’ll confirm and announce them as and when. Beyond that, who knows? We’ve had a ball writing and playing these songs for you, it’s been a f***ing hell of a journey, and we’ve loved and hated it in almost precisely equal measure. But right now it feels like we both need to spread our wings and f*** off and do something else for a while”

Thomas White on Tumblr

thomaswhitemusic.tumblr.com Click link to read latest blog in full… “I would like to reflect for just a moment on the more general reaction to this new record of ours, “IDIOTS”. Suffice to say, we’ve spent a good deal of our career so far battling the preconception that we peaked early and never really made a record to challenge the big splash of our debut. Truly, and i mean TRULY, we suddenly seem to have broken that spell. Just like that. Whether it’s a change in our approach, or the vastly improved production on this new record, or maybe just that we chucked out whole rafts of songs, pushing and pushing for absolute gold, settling for nothing less than unanimous approval on any and all potential album tracks, reams of material literally ending up on the studio floor, something like 35 discarded songs. Either way, the reaction from our small but perfectly formed fan-base around the world seems to be one of just that – unanimous approval. Have we finally caught up with ourselves? I think a large part is (as I noted in a recent interview) a bit of a change of heart. Whereas in the past we’d struggle to push our songs in unconventional directions, often at the expense of listening pleasure, this time we set out truly and openly to make a pop record. Those little embellishments can stay, but only if they serve the song. We ended up in real science-lab territory – bits of songs glued to bits of other songs, searching for that magic formula” … Click here for some Quotes from Idiots Album Reviews