Tinternet Radio Interview

I’m looking forward to the Joogleberry Playhouse session, that’s gonna be really really good. Anyway Tom talks about that in the interview that we did last Thursday evening on tinternetradio.com

T: How’s it going Roy?

Very good man. Build us a little bit of a picture where are you right now, you sound like you’re in some kind of busy area.

T: I’m down in The Lanes in Brighton, my home town, gearing up for this tour basically. Got a tour going in the next few weeks with Chris T-T, which’ll take us pretty much around the country so I’m preparing for that at the moment.

Excellent, sounds good, and tell us about Chris T-T, who is Chris T-T?

T: He’s kind of, in the best possible way, he is a protest singer, a lot of his songs are protest songs – very cutting, articulate protest songs. People have had a go at at him for it but I think it’s a dying art really, a lot of people tend to shy away from politics because it puts you on the spot as a listener, it forces you to have a reaction to it. When so much music these days is about satisfying peoples expectations and living up to an expectation that someone has, whereas his stuff really does push your idea of what a song can do and it makes you think which is great. He supported Brakes a few years ago on tour and we’ve played with him since and it seemed like a really good thing. I think he had the tour booked already and I just kinda snuck on there. It’s gonna be great, he’s a great guy. He’s a Brightoner as well so we know eachother.

Where can listeners on Tinternet Radio find a bit more about Chris T-T…

T: Just google him, he’s Chris T (hyphen) T, he’s all over the net, yeah.

Just remind us of the tour dates please Tom?

T: I can’t remember all of them exactly but I know we start in London on the 19th.

Tell us about the gig you’re appearing at with Mark Chadwick and Jason Pegg?

T: I hooked up with Jason yesterday – I was on all the posters, I’m on the Joogleberry website and all that but no-one had actually told me that I was doing it but somehow I got booked and it’s all happening but no-one had actually made the call. So they did yesterday and I am actually doing it. I’m looking forward to that, we’re going to have a rehearsal in a couple of days. The idea is we’re gonna choose 5 songs each of our own and then everyone’s gonna learn them and help out and all that.

That sounds really good, ‘cos there’s lots of collaborations on these days. Did you hear about Seth Lakeman recently hooking up with Morris Delta 7, MD7, they’re a Birmingham rap outfit.

T: A lot of that goes on in Brighton. It’s a small town and there’s about a million bands… people jumping ship and joining different bands and helping out on recording sessions, that kind of stuff happens. I think in Brighton people don’t have that maybe you could call it loyalty, they don’t have that thing where they’ve got their band and that defines them. A lot of bands like Northern bands, Manchester bands, they are very almost like territorial about the band they’re in and they’re so proud of that. In Brighton people help eachother out, they’re into what eachother are doing, it’s not a closed off thing, people don’t just have their one band and they stick to that…

Kind of a laid back attitude. Tom, tell us about recently, you’ve just been on tour in Vienna with Ian Brown.

T: We did a couple of shows, Zurich, Paris then we had our other shows in Vienna, Lyon and another show in Paris, a show in Graz actually in Austria. Really good show, it was all great, I love touring Europe, they treat you well, the audiences are perfect. In Britain everyone talks over our set, do you know what I mean? But over there they really listen, they really appreciate it.

We’ve been reading your Blogs that you’ve been posting on electricsoftparade dot co dot uk. For listeners on Tinternet if you wanna read Tom’s Blogs, the write ups of what he’s been up to…

T: It’s dot com.

We’re also looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham very soon.

T: I believe we’re doing The Glee club. That should be a barrel of laughs…

It’s a really nice venue if you’ve never been there before.

T: No, I’ve never done it, I’m looking forward to it. We’ve only ever done The Barfly and Academy and that. Is there one called The Hare And Turtle, Pint Of Beer or something? I don’t know, some little pub.

The Glee Club, we’re looking forward to that because we saw Seth and Dan Donnelly play there. Is it just going to be you and Chris T-T?

T: I think some of the nights will have a local support on first but it’s just me and ‘im travelling round in a van, it’s gonna be great. I can’t wait, the weather’s beautiful, it’s gonna be a proper start of the summer sort of tour.

Tom White from Electric Soft Parade and Brakes Brakes Brakes and Reviver (?) How many bands have you been involved in over the years mate?

T: This friend of ours Paul, he’s been trying to convince me to do a Brighton Rock Family Tree. I had a go and it’s insane. It started when I was about thirteen, I played drums for my mate Duncan, his band, whilst me and Alex were getting our first band together. I just got asked to play drums and from then, every couple of years someone will go “oh do you fancy helping out on this project that’s happening” and then suddenly it’s a band. Like I say that’s the way Brighton is, it’s not a big deal. That’s how the musicians down here work.

And how is Alex, how is your brother?

T: He’s doing well, he’s alright, currently he’s been roped into The Pipettes to help write their new album and he’s playing drums for them and helping them get their second record together. It’s just that typical Brighton thing where people help their pals out. The Pipettes have been mates of ours for years, we helped ’em out on their first recordings, before they were signed and stuff.

Good call Tom because I remember back in 2004 the first time we met you at Beautiful Days you popped it out to us and said you’ve got to go and see The Pipettes when you get time.

T: Yeah exactly.

I was listening on the radio today, there’s a brand new outfit called The Ting Tings which I thought was The Pipettes when I first heard ’em.

T: There does seem to be a lot of girl groups around at the moment like that kind of sweet 60’s vibe you know, there’s a hell of a lot of bands doing that thing. The Pipettes got there first! They’re the first revivalists. They’re a great band.

What was really nice was when I heard The Ting Tings the first thing I thought of was The Pipettes. When can we next see The Pipettes? I keep looking around the festival season and can’t seem to find them billed on any of the gigs at the festivals.

T: They haven’t even finished their new record yet. They’re taking it easy, they’re writing at the moment, they’re all just working up in London and writing their new record and it’ll be ready when it’s ready you know.

Are you gonna be doing anything with Girls Aloud or…

T: I heard a tune I liked of theirs, I don’t know what it’s called but the chorus went “I can’t speak French so I let the funky music do the talking” and I thought that was a great song, good chorus.

Tom where can we see you at this years festivals throughout the summer?

T: God knows, I dunno. Check the website every half an hour (?!) I’ll be around, Brakes are doing a couple of things and ESP will be playing some festivals yeah. We shall see.

Tell us about your new record release.

T: That’s coming out June the 14th, it’s on Drift records, that’s a little label based out in Stroud, they’re great. It’s called I Dream Of Black and it’s kinda psychedelic but acoustic, a bit folk, it’s good though, that’s what I’ll be playing on this tour.

One of our favourite tracks we like to play on Tinternet Radio is Cold World from The Human Body EP. Tell us about that track.

T: It’s just a little pop song innit. It’s a little cute pop song. Nothing special (?!)

We think it’s kinda special here, we’re always playing it.

T: That’s very flattering indeed.

It’s a great song mate, absolutely brilliant song, we love it.

T: It does seem to go down well when we play it live, it’s a bit beefier I guess when we play it.

Tom White from Electric Soft Parade thanks indeed for taking time out on Tinternet Radio.

T: Cheers man.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham real soon, for listeners on Tinternet Radio, don’t forget to check out the website electricsoftparade.com. Tom, do you have a message for the masses on Tinternet Radio?

T: Play with your ears…

Play with your what?!

T: Ha ha ha…