Fuchsia Days aka Thomas White at Abbey Road

Two days making utterly gorgeous sounds at Abbey Road. That’s a fucking Psaltery in the first picture. It’s been an absolute blast. I was last here exactly half my life ago, doing some re-records for The American Adventure in 2003. Insane place. There was an orchestral session on in Studio 1 and I managed to sneak in there and get a pic. Magic around every corner. The mic we used was a late 1940s U47. Shoving my shitty voice through actual history. Amazing 👏

Guided By Voices tribute band show

Fuchsia Days (Thomas White) writes: So its 2021 and I’ve joined a Guided By Voices tribute band. Dream come true basically. We play London tomorrow, setlist leaning heavily on Under The Bushes and Isolation Drills. 👌

Guided By Voices + Strokes album party feat: BOP + CotB + Is That… It?

Stag’s Head Hoxton. More info: