Thomas White On Tour + Interviews: I Dream Of Black

Thomas White Interviews circa I Dream Of Black 2008-2009

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Drift Questionnaire Record Store Day – April 2009 (scroll down)

Drift Questionnaire How Was Your Year – December 2008

Tinternet Radio Audio + Transcript 5 June 2008

Yorkshire Evening Post 28 May 2008

Tinternet Radio Audio + Transcript 18 May 2008

Marc Riley session Audio + Transcript 3 April 2008. As Yet Untitled is now The Devil In A Trojan Horse.

Thomas White Tour News + Reviews circa I Dream Of Black 2008

Chris T-T Blog, 10 June Click link to read…

Interview with TW and Chris T-T, 5 June Tinternet Radio Transcript + Audio

Chris T-T: We’re having a good time I think, one of the interesting things is like Thomas is playing very varied sets, like sometimes he’ll be really quiet and acoustic with a twelve string guitar, other times he’ll be with a laptop playing almost electro dance music, and other times when I’m trying to be interviewed, he’ll sit playing on a pink toy piano and play some cute tunes. – We had the great pleasure of seeing Thomas White perform in the Glee Club (Studio Room) Birmingham on Wednesday night (4th June) with near glass shattering vocals. Tom performed tracks from his eclectic new album ‘I Dream of Black’ and also some eccentric cover songs.

Tom’s friend and fellow musician Chris T-T was also impressive to watch and well worth seeing again with his full band. After their show we all drove back to TinternetRadio camp and had an aftershow party in the miniscule of sound Studio. It was a pleasure to have them stay over and an even greater pleasure to interview them the next morning before they headed off back on tour.

Louisiana, 2 June Crackerjack rating: 7 / 10.

Tom White’s songwriting credentials are certainly not in doubt – the precocious Brightonian wasn’t even old enough to vote when he and his brother Alex released their excellent first album as Electric Soft Parade. He’s also a reliable gun-for-hire (guitarist for Brakes, drummer for Restlesslist) but this co-headlining tour is his first outing as a solo performer.

The first half of his set consisted of some fairly straightforward acoustic tracks, but Tom had added a visual element with a series of grainy film clips that were projected over him and the entire stage – intriguing but not so distracting that it took away from the songs and his gorgeous voice. He added some whistling in too, not something you hear a lot of in modern pop music.

Then Tom switched from guitar to keyboard and laptop, and things took a very different turn. Long, experimental, and mainly lyric-less tracks like I Dream Of Black were hypnotic, with Tom holding notes like a choirboy along with synth-generated strings.

He finished with a version of the Irving Berlin song You Can Have Him that was nothing less than startling.

Chris T-T Blog, 29 May (click link to read in full)

Having a fun time on tour, to the extent that me and Thomas have vaguely talked about taking it to the USA in autumn – now that would be wicked… During our day off, I catch up on laundry and watch some films. Across town, Thomas makes a gourmet meat pate from a Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall book. Thomas White is a meat freak, people… he’s got a dream and it involves a whole pig’s head. I suggest (how good an idea is this!?) that we cut the pate into manageable slices, clingfilm it up, put a sticker on it saying “Thomas White Pate” and sell it on the merch. That would SO rule, at least for the few days before it went off in the van.

Interview with TW and Chris T-T, 28 May

Unlike Chris, Thomas, a few years younger, has only ever been a musician. “I did work at Deep Pan Pizza for two weeks when I was 16,” he laughs. “But I did acid for the first time the night before I was due to start work, and trying to knead dough and grease pizza pans was never going to work!”

Thomas releases debut solo record I Dream Of Black on June 14. He describes it as “underwater folk music – no, that’s nonsense isn’t it? Like something the NME would write. It sounds like it was recorded underground – and it was, in my girlfriend’s basement. It cost about 10p to make. It’s got a grimy, dark, wintry feel. I think it makes a difference what the weather’s like when you’re making music – I was freezing, no heating down there. Recording in half an hour bursts until I couldn’t feel my feet. If anyone wonders what ESP songs sound like in their embryonic stage, this is it”

Both musicians have big Leeds connections. “My mum and dad met at the Hyde Park Tavern,” Thomas says. “He was a barman there 30 years ago”

Cambridge Barfly, 25 May I Don’t Want Him (You Can Have Him) VIDEO

Chris T-T Blog, 23 May (click link to read in full)

Me and Tom White jump in the Electric Soft Parade van (a well customised and lived-in Merc sprinter that steers like a dream compared to the last one I drove) and head north for the first leg of our co-headline tour… Before leaving town we scoot across to Metway Studio, where Tom’s brother Alex is demoing with The Pipettes, to drop him off a spare guitar…

Tom reprises his monumental Nina Simone cover, which took the room apart in south London a couple of days before… Matt Twaites’ band Restlesslist are doing Marc Riley’s show on BBC6 Music this evening and Tom is drumming. Restlesslist are storming, doing complex, instrumental psyche prog-pop (spacerock?). Bloody ace.

Restlesslist on the Radio read the transcript of their interview on 22 May.

Marc Riley: I applaud you literally, Butlin Breaks has got to be one of the records of the year, when it comes through to Christmas and we’re putting that programme together with all the best records, I can guarantee that that will be in there… Tom, I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks with another band I would imagine.

Joogleberry Playhouse, 20 May

Tom White played Clearlake’s classic song Jumble Sailing on his own and then launched into The Devil in a Trojan Horse and The Runaround with Mark (Levellers) doing BV’s and guitar and Jason (Clearlake) playing harmonica. Both songs are from Tom’s new upcoming solo album called ‘I Dream of Black’.

Amersham Arms, 19 May

Thomas White gingerly steps out onto the stage with an essential can of Red Stripe and a projector screen, set up behind him, flashing through a variety of LSD-influenced colours and landscapes. This strikes me as an interesting idea. Given the small scale of the show one might think that it was a bit pretentious to demand a screen set up but once White eventually gets his set started, after a laptop malfunction, the combination of his calm stage presence, beautifully effortless voice and swirly visuals cause the audience to slowly become hypnotised, falling under his spell. And when he isn’t singing, with vocal traits similar to that of Jeff Buckley, he’s talking to the audience as if he was one of the locals, joking about what to do next, and laughing at an interesting start to a Nina Simone cover informing us that he’s got “ideas above my octave station!”. Despite the technical difficulties, White breezes through the set with effortless professionalism, and really puts a smile on everyone’s face.