Thomas White Live + Interviews: The Maximalist

Goes right back to before the album was released – includes radio sessions, videos, live reviews, interviews.

Dermot O’Leary, Radio 2, 20th March – Shaun Keaveny stands in. Accidentally Like A Martyr, Marias Little Elbows + Interview Transcript.

XFM Xposure with John Kennedy, 17th March – Marias Little Elbows, Game Of Pricks, I’ll See You In My Dreams + Interview Transcript.

Marc Riley, BBC 6Music, 10th Feb Session + Interview Transcript. Individual songs in this blog post: The Maximalist BBC 6 Music Session Songs – Jerusalem Thorn, Accidentally Like A Martyr, The Weekend. Thomas on bass, Alex on keyboards/percussion, Damo Waters on drums and Andrew Mitchell (Hazey Janes) on guitar.

Thomas White Session on Fly TV Thomas White performed a special Guided By Voices medley for FlyTV. Performing the likes of ‘Universal Truths And Cycles’ and ‘Look At Them’, he took us down memory lane for this slacker-rock tribute…

Live in London Videos The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 11th February 2010. Songs are: Jerusalem Thorn, The Last Blast, The Runaround. Alex plays keyboards + percussion.

Beautiful Days Video August 2010. Thomas White and his marvellous band play a set of tunes at the 2010 Beautiful Days Festival near Exeter Devon (7 mins in Thomas takes to the drums) Includes covers of Fairport Convention, Warren Zevon and Joe Brown songs. Also a rehearsal clip.

You Can Have Him (I Don’t Want Him) Video Of this song from Midwinter Picnic (24th Jan) Thomas says: “This is a song Nina Simone made famous, it’s written by Irving Berlin, one of earth’s most amazing songwriters ever…”

Video March 2010 Guildford Boileroom.

Beautiful Days Review August 2010 – Dressed in black topped off with a fetching black feather collar and big gold chains, his energetic set spans multiple genres. There are elements of punk and electronica and he closes with a cover of Fairport Convention in a nod to the Big Top’s headliners that evening.

The highlight for White will be an appearance at Meltdown on June 12th curated by Richard Thompson. “What an honour to be invited to play. Richard Thompson’s always been one of my favourite guitarists and Fairport Convention’s Liege And Lief remains a groundbreaking classic to this day” says White.

For this special performance White will be adding choir, violin and cornet to his regular line up, beefing up a dazzling stage show that sees him resplendent in a brocade cape and the promise of much glitter. Personally he’s looking forward to catching sets by “absurdly talented” jazz singer Krystle Warren and “one of the most innovative British rock bands working today” Field Music.

Thomas pays tribute to Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse and talks about covering his songs.

Man Of Many Sounds interview from The Courier.

Questions + Answers from the CMU website.

Thomas White talks to The Argus

Feb 12th Prince Albert show at As homecomings go, this was notable for its sincerity; Tom White felt the love and gave it back – in spadefuls. With bro’ on keyboards, dad in the crowd, and friends all around, it was hard to do anything but. Did this make for over indulgence? Not where it mattered; White and band gave a tour de force of lush, new prog rock anthems delivered with the panache you’d expect despite all the wine-toting and glitter-flecked posturing. Back atcha Mr White, one to remember!

Jan 28th Prince Albert show at Thomas White tonight takes to the stage in front of the now packed upstairs room dressed in what can only be described as a Technicolor dream coat. It serves as an announcement that things are about to start getting psychedelic, with colourful visual displays and tunes Pink Floyd would be proud of to boot. Considering this is only the second show that the band has played together, they complement one another superbly as a unit. Thomas is the focal point, yet his band adds depth and solidarity to embolden the songs with a real sense of purpose and direction.

Jan 28th Prince Albert show at The ArgusPhotos by Ian

His forthcoming second album is called The Maximalist – referring to someone who takes everything as material for his art. And this term certainly encompassed Tom’s set, which went from psychedelia to soul jams and lounge music within its first 20-minute medley of songs.

Clad in what looked like a flowery set of curtains, with an asymmetrical haircut that took the barnet sported by The Human League’s Phil Oakey to its natural conclusion, he cut an impressive figure on the stage, further proving his musical chops by taking on bass duties as well as vocals.

The rest of his set combined covers, including Guided By Voices’ favourite Look At Them, and a selection of self-penned songs. Starry Night #4 largely eschewed lyrics for a hypnotic vocalisation which grew in intensity throughout the music. And the brilliant The Runaround, from debut solo album, I Dream Of Black, underlined Tom’s writing skills, feeling like three or four great songs in one.

ESP drummer Damo Waters played drums at the shows and here’s what he had to say about the album in his blog: “As it looks like I’ll be playing in Thomas White’s ‘solo band’ I had the great pleasure of hearing a pre-release copy of his second album ‘The Maximalist’. I remember some time back he had a version that was a bunch of songs that he didn’t do any singing on, passing that instead to guest vocalists such as Stuart Flynn, but that idea seems to have been replaced in favour of something very ‘personal’, remarkably varied, expansive, melodic, and rockin’, with shit-loads of great drumming!”

Note: The album was originally planned to be “8 tracks of pumping electro-disco and psychedelic sound collage, featuring 3 collaborations with avant-garde cabaret legend Stuart Flynn”

In the early days, an instrumental titled The Emerald Tree was due to appear on the album – this appeared on an online compilation album in December 2008 and you can still listen online. The Fresh Deer Meat website features new Thomas White track The Emerald TreeListen HereMore info on the compilation.

Thomas White Blogs on 2nd July 2009 Mastermind… So… Nearly there now. Mastering underway, and I have to say it sounds rad as rad can be. Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy (as Marc Riley described The Runaround). Mr Alex White has accompanied me on this little jaunt into Walthamstow – I got a little scared yesterday at the thought of travelling up to the big smoke all on my ownses to get a record mastered in, like, a proper f****** studio and all that (I mastered I Dream Of Black on my Laptop… come to think of it, I don’t think I bothered in the end) so I brought Bruv along for some much needed moral and sonic encouragement. This all feels like a bit of a step up, so a little support for little old me felt justified. On the subject of the album itself, the past week or so has brought some interesting developments re: artwork and videos. I can’t divulge anything more right now, but I will say that both the sleeve and promos will be collaborations with some very interesting people indeed. ‘Til next time… TX

Thomas White Blogs in March 2009 On Thursday, I had an extremely positive meeting regarding my up-coming solo record. I can’t really convey how exciting this is for me, having suffered some rather shitty setbacks along the way. Anyway, the album is a proudly unfashionable affair – 12 tracks, far heavier and more sonically robust than ‘I Dream Of Black’… a perfect step forward, one hopes. I can’t divulge much more information at present, but as and when deals get signed etc… I shall let you all know. TWX

The Album Sleeve Artist, Keith Boadwee blogs on the 6 Music Session: “Everyone knows that I WORSHIP Tom White of Electric Soft Parade and Brakes. He’s a lovely, lovely man with a very keen intellect and more talent than can normally be housed in one body. I’m honored that he has used one of my photos for the cover of his second solo album, THE MAXIMALIST, released on COOKING VINYL, I think, March 15. I’m hooked on it! Oh, Tom gave me an incredibly generous shout out on BBC SIX today. Tom discusses me/the cover in detail. He also plays some tracks from the album so please have a listen. Thomas White, I have to say the sound of you singing makes my heart flutter. Sublime, my friend”