Electric Soft Parade: The Sun Podcast August 2007

The Sun Podcast – 3rd August 2007

Original page at The Sun May 2011: you can still download the Podcast from their website (23 mb’s) Includes Silent To the Dark acoustic.

Electric Soft Parade are brothers Alex and Tom White; with their homespun tunes and side project with the Brakes, they are busy siblings, but we caught up with them on their way back from a trip to the US.

So you’re renowned for re-inventing yourselves…

Both: Are we? Sun: You are definitely. A: That’s a nice thing to say thanks.

Sun: So you’ve got a new album out.

T: It’s the result of about 3 or 4 years hard grafting. We made it ourselves, again out of necessity but also we’re on a small label at the moment and they’ve got their own studio, Truck records of Oxford. And we basically wanted to learn how to use ProTools and wanted to brush up on our engineering anyway so we ended up recording it all ourselves.

A: It’s probably the most honest thing we’ve done just purely because there was literally nobody else involved. It’s literally the band have made the record, written the songs, produced the whole thing ourselves, down to the sleeve, done the videos and things. We’ve just done everything really. Not totally ourselves. There’s some people I could mention; our manager Sam for one, and Truck records.

With major labels there’s such a set up and teams of people working for you and sorting every little detail out. To get to do that all ourselves is kind of daunting and a lot of work but at the same time the audience ends up with the most sort of honest product at the end of it, because it’s totally our thing. No-one else has done it.

Sun: You were originally Soft Parade, you added the Electric a bit later. T: Just to confuse people. Sun: Was it anything to do with Doors fans wanting to come and hunt you down.

A: It was actually a Doors cover band, they got all uppity about the fact that they were called The Soft Parade as well. And they were like “we’re going to sue your asses” so it was a bit full on.

T: Whatever. Let’s not give them air time. A: Yeah let’s not. It’s one of them things isn’t it, it just happens. Funnily enough Brakes, there’s a band called Brakes in Philadelphia, or The Brakes, some funk band who tried to sue Brakes. Every band I’m ever in ends up getting sued.

Sun: What were your influences when you were growing up then.

T: Early on… Sun: The Doors… A: Never really got into them.

T: Elton John, Elvis, The Beatles, Sparks, Bowie and then Super Furry Animals, Royal Trux, RTX, Mission of Burma…

A: Oasis were a big thing, Blur and Oasis, that whole thing. I wasn’t really into that music when that all kicked off, when they had Roll With It and Country House. T: Saint Etienne…

Sun: So what camp were you? Were you Oasis or Blur?

A: Well this is the thing, we weren’t into it at all. I was into older music; The Beatles and Elvis and stuff like that and then that was all on the tv and I was like “I guess I’d better check this out”, kinda just got into both because I didn’t care either way. I didn’t have an allegiance; “I don’t care about stuff like that”

T: Both those singles are probably the worst singles both bands put out; Country House and Roll With It. Shocking.

A: It’s like The Beatles and Stones, that whole debate. They’re totally different, you don’t need to choose.

T: Country House and Roll With It are possibly the worst Blur and Oasis singles.

Sun: What do you think of the whole Damon Albarn thing. He’s constantly changing bands.

A: I think it’s pretty cool really. I’m a Blur fan, I loved the album Blur, I loved The Great Escape, I loved Parklife so to have Blur slink off and do a bit of an alright album, the last album, and Graham left, it’s all a bit hanging in the balance. I respect him a great deal for doing Gorillaz and changing it up and totally reinventing himself and stuff, but at the end of the day I just want a really amazing Blur record to come out. I just want to hear another cracking Blur record.

Sun: Ok brilliant, well thanks guys, it was lovely to meet you.

Both: Thanks for having us.