Electric Soft Parade: Dermot O’Leary Interview March 2007

Dermot O’Leary SXSW 17th March 2007 Session

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Interview, Misunderstanding

Silent To The Dark

Blue It Is

Dermot: A welcome return with Electric Soft Parade. This is what they had to say for themselves.

Alex: Hello. Tom: Alright Dermot.

Dermot: Hello Electric Soft Parade. I’m quite excited… Tom: Quite excited?

Dermot: I’ve just seen, you have a 12 string guitar? I thought the strings were over eachother, they appear to be next to eachother.

Alex: It’s very hard to play. Tom: Got to press quite hard.

Dermot: Your fingers just must be shot to pieces… they actually look quite nice – oh, no they are. That’s proper blue collar fingers. So who was ill? Tom: I was.

Dermot: So, tell me the story, because you literally just got here?

Tom: If I tell you the story, I’ll be really rude about Chicago.

Dermot: Try and tell me the story without being rude about Chicago.

Tom: We basically missed our connecting flight. Y’know, England-Chicago, Chicago-Austin. Missed our connecting flight, so we got a night in Chicago.

Dermot: Which you should be quite excited about right? Tom: Yeah it was alright. Alex: It was pretty good. Tom: Until I had the Lobster Bisque. The thought of it…

Alex: He puked on the plane and all the staff were really amazing actually on the United flight, give them a shout out. They were brilliant. They were like, would you like us to make an emergency landing? I was like, he’s only been sick.

Dermot: That’s amazing. Tom: I think they would’ve, if I’d kicked off.

Alex: I was quite tempted, I’d quite like to order a plane to land.

Dermot: The fact you almost did it is almost as good as doing it. The power was there… How’s it all going? Tom: It’s good man, good.

Dermot: It’s nice to have you back. You never really went away, you just sort of metamorphosised.

Alex: We just like to pretend so people think you’ve gone – element of suprise.

Dermot: But you are, I guess, struggle to say the word survivors, you do sort of seem to walk to the beat of your own drum. That must be a nice feeling.

Tom: We walk to the beat of Priesty’s kick-drum (Dermot laughs) We’ve been doing the Brakes thing for a couple of years now, ESP kinda got dropped and we had a bit of problems and stuff so to have that to kind of tide us over, doing a couple of Brakes records. Things just kind of kept us going, if we hadn’t have had that we probably could’ve wallowed in it a bit but we haven’t.

Dermot: It’s good to have you back, it’s good to have you with us… don’t be touching that sea-food.

Tom: Don’t… sushi used to be my favourite food. Now I’m not so sure. Alex: There’s a lobster place around the corner.

Dermot: It’s almost like gin when you’re 14 – Lobster is now your achilles heel. Listen, do some songs before you throw up. What you gonna start with?

Tom: Gonna do a song by a band called Sick Of It All. We’re gonna do Silent To The Dark. Alex: I thought we were doing Misunderstanding. Tom: Yeah, Misunderstanding.

D: It’s nice of you to actually have a conversation with eachother where swear words aren’t involved.

Tom: Do we? Alex: Like dockers. Tom: Dockers, yeah. This one’s dedicated to that wee guy from the Libertines (said in a Scottish accent)

D: And the staff of United Airlines.

Tom: And The Hazey Janes because they’re the only band from Dundee who made it to SXSW. This is called Misunderstanding. Is it? Are we doing Misunderstanding?

A: Yeah. T: Alright, can I just have a swig. A: I’ll play some jazz violin (on the keyboard) T: Oh jeez. A: Deep breath. T: Is it alright to get a bit of air or something in here? (Dermot in the background: oh my god, of course it’s alright) T: I feel a bit hot. A: Take your bl**** suit off. T: Let’s just get through it.


Dermot: Brilliant, Electric Soft Parade, that was Misunderstanding.