Electric Soft Parade: BBC 6 Music Interview March 2006

Alex talks to BBC 6 Music – 27th March 2006

This interview accompanied the re-broadcast of their Glastonbury Festival 2002 set which you can listen to on the ESP Live Audio 2002 page (scroll down)

Headline set time on 6 Music on the Dream Ticket tonight we welcome Electric Soft Parade… On the subject of being busy, I read you’d been in the studio recently doing the new Electric Soft Parade album.

A: Yeah totally well we’ve kind of been in the studio doing the new Soft Parade record for a couple of years now, so the party line is. But we’re actually doing it now properly ‘cos we’ve done it and recorded it for different labels and we just wanted a fresh kind of start on it… we’re with Truck records now and we’ve done an EP with them at the end of the year.

So you’ve been holed up in a studio with your brother and Electric Soft Parade laying that down. Now the EP’s coming out in May (that’s the US release with an extra track) What about titles for the album and when we can hear all of it?

A: The album’s probably going to be called No Need To Be Down-Hearted. That’s kind of what we’ve called it from day 1 of thinking about it as the third record, but it’s kind of changed a lot so we’ll see. There’s a song on it called No Need To Be Down-Hearted, Part 1 & 2, so it’s probably going to be called that.

Ok we’ll think of it in that way from now on.

A: It’s a good title. It’s a Fall lyric actually, it’s a lyric from a song by The Fall on (the album) Middle Class Revolt.

We’ve got an Electric Soft Parade headline set on the show tonight, it’s Glastonbury 2002.

A: I’d like to hear it. I can’t get radio down here, we’ve got a DVD player, we haven’t even got a tv or nothing. There’s no link to the outside world. There’s a window that’s about it.

No laptop nothing like that?

A: There’s laptops, I think there’s internet upstairs perhaps but that’s not in our room anyway. I’ll get my Mum to tape it, they’ve got digital back at my house.

We’ll send you one, we can’t have you going without this.

A: A CD of it would be lovely. I’d love to hear that.

Have you got any memories of that Glastonbury?

A: That was a pretty good one that. I remember my mate got really messed up – he wasn’t in the band or anything – and he was chucked out of the backstage a few times, he got back over the fence and ended up nicking my tent, or slept in the bus, or slept outside.

It was a good old first Glastonbury. I think The Coral were on just after us, I remember seeing them, and Beta Band later. It was great. It was really cool. Everything you think Glastonbury should be. I was about 19 or something. I was like yeah.

We’re going to relive it with you now. So thankyou very much for joining us.

A: Brilliant, thanks for playing it.

We’ll get out and see you when you’re doing Brakes tour and we await the new Electric Soft Parade album.

A: Cheers, nice one. Bye now.