Brakes Live Audio

I have collected rather a lot of Brakes radio recordings and they are well worth hearing. Tom’s on lead guitar and Alex is on drums. To get some of these I spent hours listening to the radio so I hope you enjoy them. The quality varies with some being OK and some are brilliant.

Marc Riley, November 2009 – Brakes were on 3 times throughout the show performing songs from their live album Rock Is Dodelijk (i.e. Rock is deadly or lethal) One of the session tracks – What’s In It For Me – is the crazy rock out version from the live album.

Comma Comma Comma Fullstop + Porcupine Or Pineapple: Part One here

Don’t Take Me To Space (Man) + What’s In It For Me: Part Two here

Leaving England (TW on backing + spine-chilling guitar) Part Three here

Radio One, November 2009 – Alex White and Eamon Hamilton had a really good interview on Radio 1 whilst Tom and Marc loaded the equipment offstage back at the venue. Also includes audio from Alex’s own phone of tonight’s crowd cheering.

Brakes interview on Radio One – Part 1Brakes interview on Radio One – Part 2

BBC 6 Music, 29th April – They also talk to Cerys Matthews.

Brakes BBC 6 Music Session – Tracks: Hey Hey and Why Tell The Truth (When It’s Easier To Lie)

Camden Crawl, April 2009 – BBC 6 Music broadcast a few songs from Camden Crawl, though the quality isn’t as good as the session above, Jackson is worth a listen.


Thomas White interview, Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music, March 2009Listen Here

Brakes acoustic session + interview with Q, March 2009 – Tracks are Hey Hey + Why Tell The Truth – Listen Here

Live session on Marc Riley, BBC 6 Music, 4th February 2009 – They did 3 songs and an interview.

Brakes on Marc Riley Part 1 – 5.44 mb. Brakes on Marc Riley Part 2 – 16.7 mb.

XFM Session 23.8.07 (full band electric, circa Reading/Leeds) MP3s

Eamon interview, Beatific Visions

Eamon interview, On Your Side

We Saw Jerry’s Daughter

Edith Bowman 24.8.07 (at Reading) MP3

Tom + Eamon interview, Beatific Visions acoustic

6 Music Session 23.8.07 (circa Reading/Leeds) MP3

Spring Chicken, Tom + Eamon interview, On Your Side

Reading/Leeds 2007 MP3

Beatific Visions

Colin Murray 8.2.07 – half an hour show – 28.4mb

Colin Murray’s a huge Brakes fan so it’s a good interview. Also session tracks and songs by Brakes favourites.

Hold Me In The River, interview, Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant, interview, Huevos Rancheros, Pixies Debaser, interview, Cease And Desist

The Album Chart Show Nov 2006 MP3

Beatific Visions

XFM Session 6.11.06 MP3s

Interview with the whole band

Few words with Eamon

On Your Side, interview, Beatific Visions, interview, 11.8mb

6 Music Session 2.11.06 MP3’s

Hold Me In The River, band interview

Band interview, On Your Side

Band interview, Cease And Desist

Electric Picnic Sept 2006 12.7mb, MP3

Jackson, Disco Party, Cease And Desist, If I Should Die Tonight, Hi How Are You, Pick Up The Phone, NY Pie

Summer Sundae August 2006 MP3

Band interview, NY Pie, more interview

Truck Festival July 2006 12mb, MP3

I Can’t Stand, Shut Us Down, Margarita, Heard About Your Band, Hold Me In The River, Disco Party, Comma Comma Fullstop

Lamacq Live Session 22.5.06 MP3s

Introduction with the band


All Night Disco Party

Heard About Your Band

What’s In It For Me

If I Should Die Tonight

Porcupine Or Pineapple

Spring Chicken

NY Pie

Comma Comma Fullstop