Electric Soft Parade: Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone reviews

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andysnewmusic.blogspot.co.uk BRAND NEW ELECTRIC SOFT PARADE. It’s been some time since the last new music from Electric Soft Parade, six years in fact, therefore an absolute joy to see the lead track / video appear “Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone” from forthcoming album ‘IDIOTS’ due for release on June 17th. “Brother…” a beautifully whimsical, yet jaunty melody, hides darker lyrical aspects, a brilliant precursor to the full album. Welcome back guys, always a pleasure to have you around.

artrocker.tv Sooooo I’m proud to announce that Electric Soft Parade are back. Can you believe that their last album was released back in 2006… I know! Here is a new single from the White Brothers, called ‘Brother You Must Walk Your Path Alone’ and is absolutely brilliant combining magical melodic harmonies, with a slight hint of country guitars. I really like it so you should check it out!

brightonsfinest.com (click for full article) The Electric Soft Parade are back this week with a new single and video, ‘Brother You Must Walk Your Path Alone’. This is the first track we’ve heard from their forthcoming fourth LP ‘IDIOTS’ which is due out in the summer …the band has reunited with the same production team (Chris Hughes and Mark Frith) that brought us their debut for ‘IDIOTS’. The band spent most of 2012 ensconced in a studio working on the record; these first results suggest it was time well spent!

‘Brother You Must Walk Your Path Alone’ is a charming piece of mature pop music; shuffling drums, soft acoustic guitars, pretty pianos and a luscious vocal from Thomas White. The track is shimmery and summery as hell, yet it is underpinned by a sense of melancholy and longing, dark contemplative lyrics contrast with a buoyant guitar hook and I’m left feeling both nostalgic and comforted. This is all perfectly illustrated by the video. In a series of beautiful shots we see a young man on a journey, reminiscing in black and white flashbacks of an old relationship. At the end we find he is visiting a graveyard, presumably his former lover is dead. It’s all very poignant, and if you look carefully you’ll see cameos from the brothers’ White. It’s a fantastic first release and a real tight piece of production, it’s not very often a ballad like this comes in way under three minutes! An extremely promising start for album number four, I can’t wait!

brightonmusicblog.co.uk The White brothers are back! Not that they were ever really away, with Thomas’ Yalla being one of our favourite albums of last year, and Alex’s Interlocutor side project having played a few gigs recently, and both of them adding their helping hands to dozens of local bands. The last Electric Soft Parade album was back in 2006 though, so news that a new album – Idiots – is due in June is very welcome. The album will feature Lily which first appeared on 7″ at the tail end of 2011, which we loved. We’ve only just picked up on new single Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone, but it’s as gorgeous as anything they’ve done – melodic harmonies, a hint of country twang to the guitars, and a sparkling of their magic that distracts you from anything else you’re doing to make you lose yourself in the song. Lovely.

independent.co.uk Re-emerging after a six-year break, this is the first single from the band’s forthcoming fourth album IDIOTS. The White brothers’ harmonies are as tight as ever, but other than their sombre decadence, this is a stripped-down, minimalist return.

sweepingthenation.blogspot.co.uk In the six years since the last ESP LP there’s been a couple of Brakes albums (though that seems to have come to a halt now), three Thomas White solo records, European dates with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and several quadrillion side projects, guest appearances, fill-ins and touring band slots for the White brothers. Back together with a new album, IDIOTS, due in June, the first single does betray some of that much dreaded term, ‘maturity’, but really insomuch as it’s a grown-up, vaguely countrified take on the dynamic guitar pop of yore, a galloping blissfully summery melody under a thoughtfully philosophical song about coming to terms with loss.

timeout.com Where have the Electric Soft Parade been for the last six years, you ask? If you’ve never heard of them you wouldn’t have noticed it, but for various reasons one of the loveliest-sounding bands in the UK haven’t released an album since ‘No Need To Be Downhearted’ in 2007. Don’t worry, though, they’re about to release their new record ‘Idiots’ (June 17), and you can watch the video for the first single, ‘Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone’ right now. The track is gorgeous, pitched exactly halfway between Belle And Sebastian and Harry Nilsson, and the video’s appropriately hazy. Horrible twist, though…

toomuchapplepie.blogspot.co.uk Brotherly love: I’m incredibly impressed that, not only are Electric Soft Parade still going (they’re back! back! back! after a six-year hiatus), but that their new single, Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone is as impressive as anything they’ve ever done. This is essentially the best song Belle & Sebastian never wrote and I love it to bits. The new album, Idiots!, follows on June 17th. Can’t wait.

unpopular.typepad.com Electric Soft Parade left me decidedly underwhelmed back in 2002. ‘Holes In The Wall’ landed on my doorstep for review and received such short shrift that I didn’t even write about it for my Tangents website. Memory suggests I may have penned a fifty worder for Careless Talk Costs Lives, but I wouldn’t bet your mortgage on my memory being very accurate… Anyway, little did I know that a few years later I would be falling so completely head over heels in love and devotion with groups tangentially but closely connected to the brothers White. Step up the glorious Pipettes and the magnificent Brakes. Not forgetting that rather delicious Blind Cowboys project who provided a charming 3″ CD release on my own ‘I Wish I Was Unpopular’ label. In spite of all this evidence however I remained wary of Electric Soft Parade. So silly. In fact, on the evidence of this gorgeous new song, ludicrously stupid would be closer to the truth. So yes, I find myself eagerly anticipating a new Electric Soft Parade album. Who’d have thought?

Here’s an article with some quotes from the Brothers White:

hangout.altsounds.com The Electric Soft Parade return with single Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone

It’s a lyric from ‘The Sun Never Sets Around Here’, the opening track on The Electric Soft Parade’s long-awaited fourth album, and it couldn’t sum up Idiots better. Yes, it’s been a long six years since the band’s last record, 2007’s No Need To Be Downhearted, but they’ve not missed a step. “There’s not one overriding reason for the gap,” explains Thomas White, who with his brother Alex makes up The Electric Soft Parade.

They’ve used the time wisely, though. There’s been solo albums and session work, and times when no music was happening at all – personal tragedy saw to that – but even then, life was experienced away from the endless album-tour-album cycle they knew so well, inspiration was sought. After recording music almost solidly from 1997 to 2009, the pair needed a break – the time and space to dream it all back up again, to say something new. As a result, Idiots is their best album yet, possessing an as-yet-unheard focus, the brothers’ distinctive ELO-via-The Everly Brothers blood harmonies gloriously intact, not so much as a note surplus to requirements. “We just wanted to pare everything down to its most essential parts,” says Alex. “Everything on the record has to be there, and anything that wasn’t needed went.”

It started with the 10th anniversary of their 2002 Mercury nominated debut, Holes In The Wall. Worthy of celebration, the duo called in longstanding live band members Andrew Mitchell, Matthew Twaites and Damo Waters and booked a string of shows. A full European tour with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds followed. It reminded the brothers of what they’d been missing, and with a newly energised fanbase they decided it was time to turn the 100-strong batch of demos Thomas had been working on into something more concrete.

Having re-teamed with the producers of Holes In The Wall, Chris Hughes and Mark Frith, the band is set to release ‘Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone’, their first single to be taken from the album on Helium Records. The track is available to download now via their website and iTunes on 16th April. Its’ parent album Idiots will be released on 17th June.

“Chris and Mark’s influence runs really deeply in us – they were the first producers we ever worked with,” says Thomas. “But this time around we know so much more than we did, too. We’re not little boys anymore. It feels like we’ve come home.”