STAGES Vinyl Re-issue and Posters

To coincide with our European shows in May we will be reissuing Stages on vinyl, along with giving the record a full worldwide digital release. This is for those who missed the vinyl the first time ’round but also for our fans in territories that are either prohibitively expensive to mail to, or who predominantly use specific platforms to listen to music. We’ve heard you and we feel you. In the coming days we will also be going live with a very limited “film poster” collection. Al’s original concept for the project was that of a film/screenplay, so in keeping with that original idea I’ve re-imagined the record as an art-house film using images from across the formats. There will probably only be 15 or 20 of these, so I’ll give you all a heads-up when they go live.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the record so far. We love you ALL, and cannot wait to get out there and play some shows in 2020. Thomas x

CD/download available now via Chord Orchard:


STAGES i Review

In the “i” newspaper today. Yes, real print press! Remember that!!!

This is getting silly now. 4 starz across the board. When do we get our “Universal Acclaim” sticker from Metacritic? 😉
Seriously though, thanks to all the journos who’ve taken the time to dig deep and get what this record is about, and given us any sort of exposure. For a band who’ve been around the block, we get that it’s boring and there’s younger, more snazzy groops out there. We get it all. So thanks ❤ xxx