Electric Soft Parade European Shows

Without further ado, we are psyched to announce our first European (FR/BE) dates of 2019. Most of these towns we’ve never played before, and some are quite out of the way, but we’ve always thought making that extra effort is damn important, and we don’t always get the chance, so this time we’re doing it. France has always had a special place in our hearts since the very early days – you guys were the first audiences we really felt understood what we were doing – we cannot wait to come back and repay that love with some beautiful music, and it’ll be a blast to cross the border and play a full-band concert in Belgium for the first time in at least a decade.

We are currently in talks to bring the group back to Spain for some shows this year, so please be patient if we’re not coming to your town (or even anywhere near your country) on this first run of shows – we’re gonna try to tour abroad a little more regularly from here on, and will try hit some places we’ve never played each time we go out…

Dates below – tickets and further info to follow. Huge thanks to Alex, Mathieu, Freddy, Thomas and Calo for helping make these shows happen.

May 1st: Le Havre FR, McDaid’s
May 2nd: Rouen FR, Le 3 Pièces Muzik’Club
May 3rd: Fallais BE, Flat Sessions
May 4th: Lesquin FR, Centre Culturel de Lesquin (w/ The Last Detail)
May 7th: Arthez-de-Béarn FR, Le pingouin alternatif (w/ Le SuperHomard)

We’ll update as and when we have more information regarding supports/ticket price and purchasing and any other useful info.

Big love,
T&A xxx


Part 1 Recording Diary

Part 1 of our exclusive Pledgers-only recording diary/blog/video, It’s Turtles All The Way Down, just went live! You’ll get a pretty darn in-depth view into the process via the blog itself, as well as clips of the process as it happens and tasters of the music as it comes into being. Part 1 features the story so far, plus a lovely little snippet of track 3 from the record. You gotta PLEDGE to be in on this!! To all you Pledgers thus far, happy watching/listening/reading! Part 2 coming your way in a few weeks….

Message from Electric Soft Parade

We have added House Concerts to the Pledge page, and there are now only a few left, so if you’d like us to come to your house and play a lil’ show of your favourite tunes (+ Theme from Golden Girls: Thank You For Bein’ A Frend) then snap theze up. Compared to how much it would cost you to get Betty White to swing by your place and belt out some tunes, we are quite inexpensive, and our surname is also White, so everyone’s a winner. Anyone else, if ya haven’t Pledge-ed yet, now’s the time – we’re about to begin our super-exclusive video-blog-documentin’ the makin’ of th’ rec’rd-thingy via our Pledge page, and you do not want to miss out!!!! T&A xxx


Message from Electric Soft Parade

Just to let you know we have *slightly* messed shit up regarding our Pledge page, and will be duly reopening the campaign for a further week or so. We need to hit our target, otherwise this ain’t gonna happen, so at the request of various people on here, we’ll be adding the option to book Alex and I for a private show at your house/the venue of your choice. Lots of people have asked for this over the years, so it seems only fair! Set list of your choice, of course. We need to push this bad boy up to 100% if the record is gonna happen, so let’s do this. We’ll update y’all with new links and stuff over the weekend, but in the meantime please accept our apologies for being ever so slightly flakey. This is all new to us and we’re old buggers now. AS YOU WERE!

Thomas ❤💙💚💛💜


New Electric Soft Parade Album

Alex and I just want to say a brief THANK YOU to everyone who pledged money for this new record we’re making. The campaign ended last night and we made 75% of our (admittedly perhaps optimistic) target! We cannot thank everyone who has pledged money upfront and bought little weird add-ons and extras enough – you are the folks who have given us the OOMPH we needed to get this show on the road, and it’s happening!!! It will all go towards making the super-crazy-good record of our dreams. Despite not hitting our target, we have already begun tracking the record and are actually a few songs in now – it’s sounding peachy. Once again, thank you to everyone who has pledged right from the start, and we cannot wait to begin sharing snippets of where we’re at with you over the coming weeks.
Thomas ❤

London Show 25 July


By way of teeing up this new record, the dudes at Pledge invited us to come play their club night in July, and we’re gonna do it with bells on. The format of the evening will be a typically heroic ESP show, in two halves (no support), giving you guys the audience ample opportunity to ask us anything you like and request even the most obscure B-side/cover. NO LIMITS. We have been warned.

Tickets are £15 and available exclusively through our Pledge page here: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/the-electric-soft-parade-new-album/items/265079

Tom & Al

New Electric Soft Parade Shows

In a truly bizarre bit of circle-completing, we’ll be joining our childhood HEROES Ultrasound for three co-headline shows later this year. I was obsessed with them around 1997/1998, as they released a string of increasingly wonderful singles leading up to their debut. “Everything Picture” might have been a bit long (the track, not the album) but they had the tunes. Serious tunes. I remember them all fondly. It’s gonna be surreal and brilliant to share a stage with them after all these years. ❤
Who was at their headline show at Pavilion Theatre in 1999? 2 free tickets to whoever can tell me who supported that night!!!! ESP Facebook

BEDFORD, 23rd Nov: https://www.facebook.com/events/2388137731412713
LONDON, 24th Nov: https://www.facebook.com/events/201067520502197/

New Electric Soft Parade Album

Electric Soft Parade Facebook ***NEW ESP ALBUM!!!***

Hold onto your hats (and scarves), it’s coming…

With many thanks to the folks at Pledge for their help thus far, we are delighted to announce production for ESP#5 will commence Summer 2018. There is more info on our page – where you can pre-order the album, snoop through the various bundles, or go for some really wacky shit (a day in the studio while we argue the toss over drum sounds!? personalised cover versions?!) – and we’ll be adding more bits and pieces as the album progresses.. Anyway, this thing goes live today, and we would be extremely, EXTREMELY honoured if you’d support us in this endeavour. It’s gonna be huge. ❤

More news very soon.

Tom & Al

pledgemusic.com Five years since 2013’s heroic pop masterclass Idiots, Brighton’s beloved ESP return this year with their most ambitious project to date. Written and devised entirely by elder brother Alex, the new album comprises seven songs, each from a distinct point of view, often several. Many years in development, this song-suite was originally conceived as a solo project, but once an initial round of demos was completed it was decided these songs needed to be heard by as many people as possible, and as such would be reimagined as ESP #5. While previous albums have used the power pop of such legends as Big Star or Super Furry Animals as a springboard, these new songs take aim at a very different target – paring broad, circular chord patterns and driving repetition with lush horns, keening vocals and thundering guitars, ESP have arrived at some of their most emotionally raw and direct material in years, while also boldly pushing the envelope for what could reasonably be considered an Electric Soft Parade record. A meditation on overcoming, transcending. But fear not: there are huge pop songs within, and beauty abounds. Illuminating, joyous, cathartic. Anyone familiar with past records will know the calibre of producers ESP are known to work with, and augmenting the White brothers in the studio this time will be a raft of choice collaborators cherry-picked from across the group’s career.

“When we first spoke to PledgeMusic about making a new record, we made it clear we wouldn’t entertain the thought for a single second if we didn’t think we could make the album of our lives. It took a little while to realise it, but without even knowing it Alex had written this absolute monster – a fully-formed, self-contained masterpiece, pulling together all these emotional and stylistic strands that have affected and continue to inspire both of us. Being brothers, we’re pretty well tuned in to one another, so I didn’t struggle at all to find ownership of these songs. I don’t say this lightly – this is some of Alex’s most intense, emotional writing, and we cannot wait to get started. Given where we’re at as a group, the idea of our (extremely loyal) fans being part of the story of a new album, and new chapter of the group, seems perfectly apt.” – Thomas White

Electric Soft Parade Festival for Music Minds Matter

Sat 26 May 2018 – Circle Arts Centre, 55 North Street, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1DH. Visit link for more info: Chord Orchard presents a new one-day Festival raising funds and awareness for Music Minds Matter, providing mental health support for the music industry. Featuring: BC Camplight, The Electric Soft Parade, Danny & The Champions Of The World, Diamond Family Archive, Brother Twain, Fierce Friend, The Delta Bell, Hattie Cooke + DJs, fully stocked bar and stalls. TICKETS: eventbrite.co.uk/e/mind-my-music-tickets-42785094369