Electric Soft Parade Update

We are holding out hope for the May shows and will do our absolute darndest to make them happen. A lot is hanging in the balance now, including the vinyl repressing of Stages (as of today the pressing plant are “working from home”, whatever that means..). If everything does indeed go to absolute shit, rest assured we will quaratine the fuck out of ourselves and come out the other end with Avenue Dot in the bag. Yes please. ESP #6. We’re already very close. Nothing can stop us now, not even global pandemics and imminent armageddon. 🤧

Electric Soft Parade recording Avenue Dot

Just to let all you Facebookers know, we weren’t fucking around when we said TWO new records for 2020. Drums and piano tracked today for the entire new record at London’s legendary Church Studios, with the great Neil Pickles at the dials. Little did we know the desk we’d be working on is the very same used on Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. Mad times. Big love to you all from the both of us. These new tunes sound positively ’75 🎯 Tom n’ Al xxx


Electric Soft Parade recording Avenue Dot

Continuing our trend of capturing our recordings in unusual/famed locations (the drums for Stages were recorded in the legendary glass drum room at Monnow Valley) Alex and I have been gifted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and tomorrow we will travel to London’s spectacular Church studio to record drums and piano for the upcoming Avenue Dot LP. Excited doesn’t come close. LOOK at that place. ❤

We will try to take as many lovely photos and clips as possible as we go…. Thomas


Electric Soft Parade French Tour

🇨🇵 F R A N C E 🇨🇵

Mesdames et Messieurs, at the request of fans and promoters in your fair country, we are adding one final show to the May tour. We will now begin on the 5th of May in Lyon (Le Sonic) and end the run of shows in Lesquin on the 12th. We have had many requests for a show out east, so we hope this pleases some of you as much as it does us to return to beautiful Lyon. ♥️

Ticket and show details to follow. UK shows announcing next week. Thomas x