Modest True Believers – The Soft Parade (NME)

The Soft Parade have the choruses of Teenage Fanclub, the attitude of a street-corner Liam and the simmering, psychedelic capabilities of an early Verve. Oh and one other thing. They also comprise two Brighton-born brothers, Alex (18) and Tom (16) White, who are Officially Young. Got that?

“It’s so dull”, Alex insists, firmly. “People go: So you’re young and you’re brothers! Yeah. Oh. It should be an introductory f****** paragraph. End of story”

Well, not quite. The tale of The Soft Parade (named after a Doors album) is one that indicates new beginnings. That proves kids too young to remember how grim Britpop got are putting their hopes in guitars and creating their own scene.

“I was about ten when Britpop was happening” Tom shrugs dismissively. “What ten-year old is into indie? At home, my dad just played lots of classical music and Elton John and my mum was into Roxy Music and Free”

It was Oasis that first got them onstage though. On holiday in Turkey in 1996, the brothers went into a bar and got chatting to the two blokes hammering out Rod Stewart tracks in the corner. In the spirit of foreign friendliness, they offered Alex and Tom a go.

“I think we played Married With Children, Half The World Away and Wonderwall but it was just a silly little thing. There was only about 20 people there” Alex remembers. “I mean, they clapped but I think they were just being polite”

It was enough to give Alex and Tom the bug. Since then, band members have come and gone but somehow it’s always ended up with just the two of them. Then a demo found its way on to XFM.

Tom: “I had a job for about a week before that. None of my mates had a job until the summer after our GCSEs and that’s when we got signed”

“To people who want to know what we’re like, I’d say shitty old indie shit basically” Alex reasons, before remembering the crucial fact. “But with the added twist of it actually being OK”

Rest assured they are considerably more than that. Siobhan Grogan (NME)

The Soft Parade’s debut single Silent To The Dark is out on April 30 via DB.

City Sessions: Electric Soft Parade

CITY SESSIONS – ELECTRIC SOFT PARADE (click link + scroll down)

“We met up with the lads on a scorching hot day on Brighton Beach and spent many an hour chatting over more than a few drinks! They gave us a chilled out, stripped back version of Sleep Alone from their Mercury Music Prize nominated 2002 debut Holes in the Wall. Perfect for a lazy day on the beach!”


Incendiary Interview We’ve just been doing a residency in our home town and the reaction has just blown our socks off. We simply cannot wait to get out there and play to all the beautiful people who came and saw us last time round… We’ve got new material on the way.

‘IATP Flight 011’ Podcast: Hear about the making of Holes In The Wall and the White brothers new project Clowns only on IATP Flight 011 – Listen on iTunes (5/29/11 show)

Excerpts at Youtube: ESP talks about The American Adventure and No Need To Be Downhearted

‘Hand In Hand’ Podcast: Live track by Thomas White, from the Jubilee Square show: Mixcloud

ESP Nostalgia

The Fly remembers ESP from their 2002 and 2003 covers… Take February’s (2002) Electric Soft Parade cover. Never has the magazine trodden the line between the sublime and the ridiculous so expertly. The entire basis of the feature was that the band were in Paris, having a chat with Will Kinsman. This did indeed happen. However, there was no budget to send a photographer with Will, so, ingeniously, he hooked up with the band a week later on Primrose Hill, sat them down on a park bench armed with nothing but a string of onions and a couple of croissants, and took some anonymous-looking shots with lots of anonymous-looking sky. To the layman, this might have initially looked like bad photography, but it was in fact a deliberate ploy that enabled our designer to photoshop in the Eiffel tower, and, for one of the smaller shots, a couple of whole baguettes. “The worst cover photo ever?” asks Kinsman, “A string of onions and a superimposed Eiffel Tower were never going to make Primrose Hill look like Gay Paris” The Electric Soft Parade, one of whom is “wearing” a pencil moustache and not even in jest are on the cover of our September issue. They follow the 2003 running theme by not looking the slightest bit bothered about it. Now, there’s been a few DID WE DO THAT? DID WE? moments as I’ve flicked through these back issues, but The Electric Soft Parade ain’t one of them – the album the cover coincided with, ‘The American Adventure’, was and is fantastic, their current anonymity more to do with a label that struggled to wipe its own arse, never mind make a success out of the once-astoundingly creative White brothers.