Fuchsia Days on Janice Long

I distinctly remember Janice Long calling our 2007 LP No Need To Be Downhearted “No Need To Be Downloaded” live on air, which made us all giggle. We played for her a fair few times but two stick out as noteworthy: the first was supporting Suede at a tiny Radio 1 live outside broadcast from the Belfast Limelight in 2002. Suede were beyond parody and we were about 17, stripped back to a 3-piece and nowhere near good enough for live radio. Second and most memorable time was doing a live session for her in the exact Pebble Mill studio they (at the time) recorded The Archers. It was a total thrill to see all the little three-stair staircases that go nowhere and free-standing doors and all the other little bits they use in radio land to bring things to life, and I remember her finding it utterly adorable that we were so amazed by everything. She was like that – pure good vibes, always nothing but lovely to us. Lost another good one there. RIP xxx

Janice: It’s Cold World, and it’s Electric Soft Parade, who are playing live. No Need To Be Downloaded… (everybody laughs) No Need To Be Downhearted.

Alex: We’re changing it right now. Tom: Don’t need to download it, just buy it.