Thomas White produces Ella Janes

Last year I spent a handful of days up in the softly rolling Cotswold hills with Ella and engineer Hugh Fielding making this record – my first production work outside of my own bands/projects. The record is out today and it’s wonderful to see it finally emerge out into the world. I really fell for Ella’s songs and singing/playing. She is unflinching when it comes to writing from the heart about deeply personal stuff, and I think if you’re going to choose to work in an area as potentially un-challenging as the world of singer-songwriters, this sort of needs to be a prerequisite. Needless to say, the songs are incredibly deep, personal, full of bright detail and underscored by her painterly arrangements. Everything just so, nothing extraneous. It was a total pleasure to be involved and I’m super proud of how the record turned out. Big love. Give it a spin….. Thomas xxx