Chain Migration by The Fiction Aisle

Hey you lovely lot.

I’ve ummed and ahhed about how to put this out, and it was increasingly clear that I needed to release it as it is – no re-records. And so, this is an opportunity to hear my songs as they are before things get honed, ideas whittled down, and I basically shave off all the weirdness/awkwardness, or as much as I need to to be comfortable with people hearing it. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of something when it’s in this state, but right now I need to challenge myself and see what comes of it. It’s always a thrill to release new music, but this has the added nerve of being much, much rawer than I’d usually deem releaseable. Some of the songs took months to write, but there’s an immediacy throughout these mixes that I think I lost on the last one. I hope you go with me, wherever I’ve gone. And if not, I’ll still have been on a valuable lil’ trip, damn right.

Thomas xxx