New Thomas White Track

From the Thomas White FacebookDrone 1: Sinai Night Sky (for Foxy) by Divine Androgyne (click to listen)

Facebook, I hope this finds everyone well. Feels right to be going live with this in the dead of night. I’ve been working on some very soft drones for a while, and I’m really excited to finally have some ready to be heard. It’s a bit of a continuation of what I did on Fuchsia Days, though I’ve decided to present it under a new name as it clearly stands alone from my more song-based stuff. It has been deliberately created for people to use alongside meditation/relaxion, or to just zone out to and not do anything in particular. It would make me happy to think it could help alleviate anxiety, or maybe help someone focus their mind and make positive decisions. Anyway, there it is. The idea with this first piece is to evoke the sparkly night-time views my friend Claire and I enjoyed while visiting a tiny beach-side settlement in Nuweiba during my stay in Egypt in 2010. An incredible, calm, unique place that healed us both. It’s also a tribute/memorial to her dear desert hound Foxy, who died late last year and is much missed by all who knew him. By calling the project Divine Androgyne I want to draw attention to and explore parallels between the “one-ness” of the drone as a sort of musical singularity and, as one blog puts it, “…the wholeness of all binaries held in tension within a single being, offering us the hope that our own ennui will be soothed via our own internal marriage of opposites.”
Though they don’t discuss the musical/drone element (which is my own conflation) these blogs are well worth reading in terms of understanding the androgyne from an historical/religious perspective: Link 1Link 2
So yeah, Queer Drone is most definitely the thing right now. Hopefully do some live expanded/ensemble shows at some point this year. Happy blisstening.