Burtski Subotniks Radio Show Parades Its Softness

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The Electric Soft Parade, Brighton’s premier band, born and raised in Brighton, one of the musical combos that we are most famous for. They release their latest album IDIOTS (out on 17th June) I caught up with the lads at the weekend and did a little radio interview with them so this is Tom and Alex of The Electric Soft Parade with the odd grunt from Clanger.

Hello it’s Mikey here, I’m with the almighty, all conquering Electric Soft Parade. It’s a Sunday, they’re just chillin, they’re getting ready, they’re rehearsing for their new album.

Tom, new album, new guitarist, what excites you the most?

TW: Clanger’s… what the **** am I gonna say? Clanger’s **** really… can I say that? That’s just ruined the interview straight away.

OK let’s put it this way. What do you feel about your new album, it’s called Idiots, are you excited about it?

TW: Yeah as one review already put it “it’s rare you get an album named for the people who won’t buy it”.

Tell us about it; direction?

TW: It’s probably the least fashionable thing we’ve ever done. And it sounds like a mish mash of a lot of very technical seventies kind of very muso seventies pop. And it’s got the least production of any record we’ve done. It’s got the most complex musicality so it’s a mixture of those two things.

Are you playing it live at all?

TW: Yeah you know we’re playing it live…

For the benefit of my dear listener, tell dear listener where he can listen to you live.

TW: This coming Monday (17th June) at The Green Door Store in Brighton, Bristol the next day, The Louisiana and then the 19th up in London we’re doing an instore at Rough Trade East.

Brilliant, excellent. There’s a new guitarist, sadly Andrew Mitchell, just for geography because he’s up in the North of Scotland, we’re down on the South Coast of England; Clanger has taken over the guitar. Clanger how do you feel?

C: I don’t do interviews.

Yes you do – I’ll jump up and down on you…

C: OK. I feel good.

You just can’t shut him up. If I could get a word in edgeways. Now we should go from the taciturn to the melifluous, this is Alex White. New album, what do you think of it?

AW: I adore it actually, as it goes. I think it’s fantastic, I’m very proud of it. I’m happy to say that.

Excellent. What for you is your favourite track?

AW: My favourite track, I guess probably Idiots, the title track, ‘cos it’s a very personal song from Tom and I support every notion in it and I also feel like it’s one of the most collaborative on the record. Some of them Tom just brought in and we played them and others we actually made together and that is one of those. So I think that’s a genuinely collaborative effort.

Brilliant, fantastic. Did you self-produce it?

AW: It’s actually produced by Chris Hughes who’s the drummer in Adam And The Ants and a guy called Mark Frith who’s his wingman. They’re an amazing team. It’s sort of self-produced and produced with them but really the production credit should be with them, they did the record.

Brilliant, thank you very much Electric Soft Parade, welcome back, all the best for the new album, thanks for talking to me. Monday at The Green Door Store it is.