The Electric Soft Parade – Summertime In My Heart

Taken from the LP, “IDIOTS”, out June 17th. PRE ORDER: Helium | iTunes | Amazon | Live Dates

IDIOTS Album Reviews News from Official Mailout (sign up here) Here’s the new video for the second single from our imminent fourth long-player, “IDIOTS”. The title of the track refers to an emotional sense of summertime, rather than the Great British one, or lack of… It’s basically about that first flush of love, when just holding someone’s hand makes you feel like you’re walking on air. We recorded it during a rare heatwave, last summer, out in the West Country. So it’s hopefully imbued with as much unselfconscious optimism as humanly possible. We took dips in the studio pool and walked around the gardens strumming a guitar. Sunny vibes all round. This summer feels good right now and we live in hope that it will continue! The album is out on June 17th. We’ll be gigging throughout the summer playing select shows and festival slots. Hope to see you very soon. Love, Thomas and Alex White / ESP

I gotta say that it often feels
There’s someone watching over me
I don’t pray and I certainly don’t preach
Maybe it’s just wishful thinking
You gotta take the rough with the smooth
If you’re prepared to tell your own truth
It certainly don’t make me look cool
And maybe it’s just all this drinking

But when I look in your eyes
Suddenly it’s summertime in my heart

I took the first bus into town
And simply threw myself around
It wasn’t big and it certainly weren’t sound
But my did I feel free and easy
And in a while I found my feet
A million miles away from me
There all along but I just couldn’t see…
I just needed TLC

But when I look in your eyes
Suddenly it’s summertime in my heart
And when I hold your hand
Suddenly it’s summertime in my heart

Bless you with all my heart, my soul, my love
I give you it all