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Greetings, it’s been a while. Six years in fact, since myself and Alex last put a record out. It seems like yesterday. Touring the world, doing our thing. It was 2007. It was ace. The world we return to is a very strange and different beast. In the interim we’ve suffered loss and battled demons, sure, but we never, ever lost sight of the music we make and the joy that can bring people.

Looking back to our first record, and the success it brought us, we had only one thing in mind. If we’re going to get this thing back on the road, we’re damn well doing it with the right people. And so to 2013, and this new record, “IDIOTS” – ten tracks of blissed out guitar pop, produced to perfection, unadorned by needless adherence to current trends and fads. This is music like we make it, not anyone else. The first single, “Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone”, says it all really:

“There is no hell, only people that you meet. There’s no way out of the anger and deceit. Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone.”

Misanthropic, perhaps, but a sweetness and light pervades even the darkest moments. Honey in the rock, indeed. That first track drops this week – the album will follow June 17th. The band will be on the road throughout the summer playing select shows and festival slots, and we hope to see you all very soon.

Love, Thomas and Alex White / ESP

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It’s been a minute since we heard from brothers Alex and Thomas White in their Electric Soft Parade guise, but the Brighton group return this June with a new record in ‘IDIOTS’. The band toured with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds for the 10th anniversary of their Mercury-nominated debut ‘Holes In The Wall’ last year, and decided to put the 100 or so demos they’d been quietly amassing to good use, by releasing their first album of new material since 2007’s ‘No Need To Be Downhearted’.

“We did spend a lot of time getting things just right,” Thomas says of the album, which takes in influences as disparate as The Clientele, Robert Wyatt, Chicago, The Pet Shop Boys and – we kid you not – Freddie Mercury. “A lot of the songs are very serious, inspired by some horrendously sad things, but it was also just so funny making the album. Despite the subject matter, I’ve never laughed so much.”

As for the odd choice of album title – ‘IDIOTS’ is also the name of a track which appears on the LP – Thomas says: “When it came to the title, it was an easy choice. The song itself is a weird epic that takes in a lot of the sounds that ESP make as a group. IDIOTS is us. We’re just a couple of idiots. But then so is everyone else. It can be someone specific, something very vague, whatever or whoever you want. It’s readable in different ways.”

The band are trailing the record with the sighingly graceful, Pastels-tinged pop of ‘Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone’, which is available to download now via their website and iTunes on 16th April. Buoyed by country-ish guitar licks and a wryly melancholic vocal from Thomas (“There is no god, only summer in the trees / there is no hell, only rubbish in the street”), it’s a satisfyingly mature turn from the band, and bodes well for the album, which will be released on 17th June via Helium Records

Track Listing

The Sun Never Sets Around Here
Summertime In My Heart
Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone
The Corner Of Highdown and Montefiore
Mr. Mitchell
One Of Those Days
Welcome To The Weirdness
Never Again