Thomas White is on Tumblr with a song from World On A Wire EP Here’s a quick hello to y’all here at my new home here at tumblr… gonna be posting reviews, news on shows and upcoming releases, any ESP + Brakes-related goings on, and pretty much anything else that piques my interest… shout me, follow me, repost stuff…

Thomas White – Dory Previn (click link to play at tumblr) ok, to kick things off proper, here’s a sneaky preview of one of the songs from the “Yalla!”-accompanying “World On A Wire” EP (more info here) This limited EP will be available from various indie shops in Brighton and London, as well as Piccadilly in Manchester. p.s. the track is a cover of the delightful Camera Obscura’s tribute to the late, great Dory P (original)

Fed up of girls in pretty dresses
With boys who wanna teach them a lesson
Sick of the sight of my old lover
Went under sheets and covers to get away from him

He can’t see what it once meant to me
I think it’s time I put him out of my mind

So I took a glimpse of Montana
Now nothing else matters
I’ll heal eventually
How I adore you Dory Previn
And turn you up to eleven for the band’s ears to bleed

I can’t see what he once meant to me
Do you think it’s time I put him out of my mind
Yeah I think it’s time I let my love for him die