Thomas White: New Album Yalla! 19th March, Videos + Shows

King Of The Kingdom: Video from the Bleeding Heart Recordings LP, YALLA! Selected Songs: Soundcloud

iTunes with Bonus

Bleeding Heart Recordings Blog has info of the limited edition EP – copies purchased from Rounder, Resident, Rough Trade and Piccadilly record shops received the bonus, limited edition, 5-track ‘World On A Wire’ EP featuring covers of Dory Previn, Billy Mackenzie – Video – Louis Armstrong and Camera Obscura, as well as an alternate version of King Of The Kingdom.

Yalla! Album Reviews – also has links to interviews.

That Heavy Sunshine Sound: Watch Video at the Hand in Hand, Brighton, November 2011

Bleeding Hearts Club, The Albert, Brighton: VIDEO 1VIDEO 2

More Videos:

All The Fallen LeavesUyeasound by Thirty Pounds Of BoneTime Has Told Me by Nick Drake