Electric Soft Parade Interview August 2002 (Q Mag)

It’s 10.30am and a trembling Tom White – drummer in Electric Soft Parade – answers the door of his parents Brighton home. He’s feeling unusual after the previous nights DJ stint, which saw him drinking Goldwasser, the German liqueur flecked with gold leaf. “You knock it back and apparently the specks of gold cut your throat so you absorb the alcohol really quickly – I had three and was f*****” he says.

White’s band are similarly direct. Their major label debut Holes In The Wall is a power-pop laden advert for old-fashioned “indie” rock that echoes variously, Ash, Grandaddy and Super Furry Animals. Older brother and guitarist Alex tumbles downstairs 20 minutes later. Today their record label BMG is demanding the pair (but not minor bandmates bassist Matt Thwaites and keyboardist Steve Large) receive “media training”, possibly hoping to tone down their forthright opinions. “We’re not Pop idol” Alex shrugs unrepentantly.

For now, at least, the band idly castigate, among others, Cosmic Rough Riders (“Cosmic Shit Peddlers!”) and Coldplay. The multi-instrumental pair have played together since Tom was 11 under the name The Soft Parade (the “Electric” was added after complaints from a Doors cover band)

The “brothers” thing does apparently have benefits. “Sometimes you think, He’s a c***! But also we instinctively think the same thing” says Tom.

Having released low-key albums on their own label for years, they feel fully qualified to comment on new major league competition. Like Starsailor…

“He’s a shocking singer” spits Tom.
“I quite like some of the lyrics, though” Alex demurs.
“They’re shit! There’s one song where he sings “And I suffer” and you think…”
“What a c***?”
“Well, maybe he is suffering”
“I thought he was a nice guy”

Q: Just what we needed, the indie rock Waldorf and Statler.