ESP Blog: Shut Up About The Mantra! 27/05/11

Howdy, folks! Just a quick one today to say thank you muchly to everyone who attended the first three shows of our residency. We had a blast, and it’s been rather strange/exhilarating/touching to see/hear people’s reaction to all those songs, some of which are now, believe it or not, more than ten years old. Ouch! Well, it’s been fun revisiting that stuff for sure. Now we’re primed to tackle the mammoth task of learning a whole ‘nutha set (of new songs) ALL of which we’ve never played before, ready for the next Prince Albert show on June 29th. Double-ouch!

We’ve also been in the studio these last couple months (for the first time since 2007!) and will be uploading the first fruits of those sessions up onto ol’ YoobChoob in the coming days. News and linxx in the next few days, pop pickers. Hope to catch some of y’all down Meadowlands over the weekend. Laterz. TW X