The Yalla album videos are no longer available but the original video descriptions are below.

Thomas White writes: Ok, folks… “Yalla!” is now live on youtube!! For the sake of not looking at a still picture of the sleeve throughout each song, I’ve cobbled together some little films to go with it, though they are purely ‘ornamental’, if you will, so no slagging my wobbly camerawork. The footage was taken in Brighton, Dahab and Cairo. Enjoy! Physical copies soon hopefully… TWX

Live Video: ‘All The Fallen Leaves’

The opening song of his set at The Basement, Brighton on 9th April by Drifter Promotions

Videos from 17th Feb Drifter show.

‘Uyeasound’ by Thirty Pounds Of Bone‘Time Has Told Me’ by Nick Drake


#1: All The Fallen Leaves Video: Filmed in Hove Park, 25th March 2011

#2: I’ll See Her Again Video: Embassy Court!!!!!

#3: That Heavy Sunshine Sound Video: Filmed over two days on my travels in the ‘delicious chaos’ of Cairo!

#4: Ocean Green Video: Fishing and canoeing in the channel….

#5: Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls Video: Little boy: “Why are you filming beach huts?” Me: “For fun”.

#6: Lungful Of Air Video: Filmed in Lyndhurst Road, Brighton, March 25th 2011

#7: King Of The Kingdom Video: Peace statue, Hove Lawns and a nice bush.

#8: I’ve Seen The Sunrise Video: Dahab sunset, planes over sharm, and the twinkling lights of a shisha bar.

#9: Diver’s Torch Video: Walking on water, and a beautiful church on Portland Road.

#10: The English Sargasso Video: Wait for it… no, seriously, wait for it… just a second… it’s coming… hang on a minute… here it is… here it comes now… any minute now… here it is… here it is…