Clowns interview on BBC Sussex

Listen: Clowns on BBC Sussex

Two of the band members of Clowns joining me in the studio this afternoon; Miles is in the studio and Thomas.

TW: Good afternoon. M: Hello.

Good afternoon to you. It’s a big year for you and you’ve had some fantastic reviews already. I love the sound of some of these; “without doubt one of Brighton’s finest live bands turning wherever they play into a sweaty heaving mass” … I’m not sure whether that’s a compliment or not.

TW: Sounds disgusting.

It does sound disgusting, doesn’t it.

M: Not for daytime.

Was that what you started out wanting to do, provoke people into behaving like a sweaty heaving mass?

M: We’re definitely about the showy side of things really and high energy / high concept rock n roll.

It’s a lot of people’s dream to be in a band but of course making that reality is quite difficult as the grown up responsibilities take over. How’s that been for you.

M: Difficult but I take this man as my inspiration. He’s managed to avoid work for 10 years?

Have you managed to avoid work for 10 years?

TW: I have yeah, somehow I’ve managed to do it. It does take, often, playing in more than one band at one time or taking session work and doing whatever. I think if you decide to do something and decide to devote your life to it and…

Isn’t there always someone in the background saying “come on now, time to become an accountant, time to stop this carry on”.

TW: Yes.

It’s gonna be a big year for you because your CD is out this year. Just tell us a bit more about that.

M: We’ve got a single coming out on April 25th. That’ll be the debut single. That’s followed hopefully by an EP in the Summer and we’ve got an album already recorded that we’re currently trying to promote to different labels. So if anybody’s listening, please get in touch.

Is that your dream then, for one of the labels to say yeah, there we go and then stardom beckons after that.

M: Well I don’t know about that but to get things released is a definite plus.

It’s such a difficult and competitive world now, there’s a lot of the Simon Cowell influence, stars that are made from programmes like the X Factor as opposed to going out and doing the gigs and playing the various clubs.

M: I don’t even pretend to know anything about that side of things. I suppose we come from the DIY culture although most of the shelves I’ve put up have fallen down. This one’s stayed up so far so…

It’s a great analogy but of course if you’re going to come from that DIY culture, Brighton is a great place to be because there are some fantastic bands and it’s a really good live music scene isn’t it.

M: It’s fantastic here yeah.

And it must be good in amongst all of that to get these kind of reviews, to get people saying lovely things about you.

M: That’s great. If people enjoy the shows and people enjoy the music that’s fantastic ‘cos we just do it ‘cos we love it. If people love it, it’s fantastic.

Do you read the bad reviews as well?

M: We haven’t had any ‘cos we’re the best rock n roll band in the world.

Good! That’s what we like to hear… What we’ll do is we’ll dip in and out of your lives throughout the year, hear how you’re getting on and hear if any of those big labels do pick you up. It’d be nice to follow you through that triumph if that happens.

M: Thankyou very much Sarah.

Thankyou both very much for joining us in the studio.