New Thomas White Cover and Album

Latest News from the Thomas White Myspace (cover no longer available) Folks, it’s been a while, but just as a little taster-morsel of things to come next year, here’s a version of a song I’ve been wanting to record for some time now. Penned by my good friend Simon Parker of Brighton-based band Villareal, ‘The Haunted Dancefloor’ is among many highlights on their ‘Spook Frequency’ album (incidentally recorded at Truck, where ESP did much of ‘No Need…’). I recorded it yesterday here in Dahab, using some stray drums I found on my laptop and much Eno-esque ethereal programming on Garageband. Hope you like!

In other news, I’ve pretty much wrapped up recording for a third solo album. I shan’t spoil the surprise by divulging titles or any of that stuff so prematurely, but suffice to say it sounds stupid/clever, embarrassing/glorious, drunk/lucid, big/small, plaintive/overwrought, dour/ecstatic, tight/shambolic…. and just about everything else in between. A mid-2011 release looks likely.

Hope to see some of you bods on the Levellers tour! TWX