Thomas White 21st Sept Radio Show Resume

Some of the artists played on the Tuesday 21st Sept show: Dandy Warhols, Underworld, Ladytron, Basement Jaxx, The Breeders, Oasis, Soul Coughing, Primus, Sonic Youth, The Who, ZZ Top, Fun, Wolfmother, T-Rex, Queens Of The Stone Age, Guided by Voices, Todd Rundgren, Chili Peppers, The Beach Boys, Air, Goldfrapp, Cocteau Twins, British Sea Power, Stereolab, Tiger, Beck, Super Furry Animals, Liars, Elvis Costello, Pet Shop Boys, Josh Homme, Robert Wyatt, Flaming Lips, Trashcan Sinatras, Sparklehorse, The Clientele, Elvis Presley, Graham Coxon, Nick Drake, Bill Callahan (Smog) Elliott Smith and more.

TW quoted just after playing The Who: “don’t know about you but all I could hear was drums, not a bad thing”. Thomas loves the Pet Shop Boys more than Josh Homme. Alex introduced him to the Elvis track (hopefully more input from him in future) Later on after the live broadcast there was also a 50’s Playlist put together by Thomas which was another show in itself.