Beautiful Days Review + Pics…

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Thomas White is an unusual character as we stumble upon him in the Big Top. The Electric Soft Parade founder may be billed as solo but he is far from that today, being the only artist boasting a choir as accompaniment. They are all dressed in unusual outfits – kaftans, superhero outfits and a lot of sparkle – and contemplate the slightly eccentric musings of Thomas perfectly. Dressed in black topped off with a fetching black feather collar and big gold chains, his energetic set spans multiple genres.

There are elements of punk and electronica and he closes with a cover of Fairport Convention in a nod to the Big Top’s headliners that evening. He says he hopes they are not too upset that he plays it better than they do. His self-assured persona projects very well – so much so that he has to explain that this was a joke to the suddenly quiet crowd, the irony lost a little on them.

There’s a good mix of slower, more emotional songs that show off Thomas’ vocal abilities and faster, heavier songs that get the crowd going a bit more. It’s an eclectic mix but we emerge back into the drizzle with big grins.