Accidentally Like A Martyr Video This Week’s Singles: 05/07/10: “Along comes a week when Music decides it likes you again. And that is when it decides to thwack you, right in the fizzog, with at least FIVE perfect, undeniable and TERTALLY BRILLIANT singles. So. Are you ready for some brilliant? Good”

Thomas White – ‘Accidentally Like A Martyr’ EP from (Cooking Vinyl)

Official Video – Directed by Matthew Lawes: watch at

Title track ‘Accidentally Like A Martyr’ is the first of five covers here, and it is about as Button Pushing Charity Single Sung With Loads Of Famous Ones In A Studio Singing With Their Hands On Their Headphones as a thing could be. And if, like me, you have ever stood – thoroughly unembarrassed, epiphanies tumbling into your ears and tears streaming – in front of Spiritualized, I suspect you will adore it too. I mean, it’s easy to get cynical about this sort of thing, but sometimes you just want a grown up song about a hurt that ‘gets worse’ and a heart that ‘gets harder’. You know, instead of all these fizzy pop younglings saying love makes it all better (the lying little sneaks). Basically, a triumph – should you be in the mood for one.