Thomas pays tribute to Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse

Songs no longer available on Myspace here’s the Blogs about them:

March 10th: As some sort of tribute to the late, great Mark Linkous, I’ve recorded and posted a cover of his song “Little Fat Baby” from the “It’s A Wonderful Life” album. I made it yesterday using a laptop, a piano, a couple of guitars and a handi-cam as a microphone. I’ll do a couple more and post them in the coming days. As I’ve said to most people unaware of his music, if you’ve not heard any of it then there’s not really any particular place to start – they’re all stunningly beautiful; full of gorgeous, weird little pop songs. A massive loss for everyone, I think… RIP X

March 11th: I’ll be doing my best to post up as many versions of Sparklehorse songs as I can this week. Here’s another: a fairly stripped down (apart from some Mellotron choir and strings) take on “Maria’s Little Elbows” (from Good Morning Spider) that I recorded this morning at 1AM. Enjoy… and please take some time out this week to pour a glass of red wine and load up on some of his actual recordings. They’re seriously worth it… I never knew how much until now XXX