We Have All The Time In The World

Free Track / Rehearsals / Giglets… Blog post from the Thomas White Myspace

Hell, O! Firstly, the album version of ‘The Last Blast’ has been added to the Myspace page. It’s fairly radically different to the version which will be coming out as a single in early March. However, it’s a pretty good example of the production, if not the writing, of much of the rest of ‘The Maximalist’. In addition, I thought I’d say a little thank you to everyone who’s been following me the last few months/years with a little freebie – my home-recorded updating of John Barry’s luscious ‘We Have All The Time In The World’. You don’t have to enter an e-mail or anything, just enjoy.

In other TW news, the live band is now up and rocking once again, having had our first few sessions late last year. Rehearsal today sounded astoundingly good, and I’m in seriously good spirits for these upcoming dates. For the unitiated, the band consists of myself on lead VOX and rickenbacker 4001 fuzz BASS / Andrew Mitchell (of Dundee’s The Hazey Janes – great band, check ’em out) on harmolodic GUITAR + b.vox / Alex White (my dear good bruv) on soaring MELLOTRON strings + percush / and the almighty Damo Waters (of late-period ESP and his own Muddy Suzuki solo project) on the POTS AND PANS. As previously mentioned, the shows will feature us lot banging away, accompanied by a bunch of eye-watering projections. See you there….! TWX