Thomas White update

The Fly have been playing his new album on their office stereo… They also recently delved into the past with memories of their 2 ESP covers (read more here)

ESP drummer Damo Waters will be playing drums at the shows and here’s what he had to say about the album in his blog.

“As it looks like I’ll be playing in Thomas White’s ‘solo band’ I had the great pleasure of hearing a pre-release copy of his second album ‘The Maximalist’. I remember some time back he had a version that was a bunch of songs that he didn’t do any singing on, passing that instead to guest vocalists such as Stuart Flynn, but that idea seems to have been replaced in favour of something very ‘personal’, remarkably varied, expansive, melodic, and rockin’, with shit-loads of great drumming!”

Thomas has updated his Myspace: Influences… are a waste of time. Best make your own kind of music, as the great Mama Cass once said. The new Field Music album’s pretty f***ing miaow though… Despite my penchant for jangle and all things harmonious, at the moment my secret love is for sludge of any kind really – RTX, Sunn 0))), Part Chimp. The Dandy Warhols have been, and continue to be, a massive influence on how I build a groove, guitar sounds, vocal production, etc. Likewise the work of Broadcast, Wire, Saint Etienne, Joni Mitchell, Elliott Smith and Mission Of Burma has spurred me on in a big, big way. I’ll not get into everything else (un-musical) here – there’s a huge list of artists, directors, architects, comedians and general people who have influenced me and Al over the years right here (ESP Myspace) …Enjoy!