DESTROY RANKIN Ebay Auction in aid of Youth Music – with artwork created by Brakes

More info at Renowned photographer Rankin and the world’s top musicians and artists have supported us by donating their precious time, energy and creative spirit for a major art project entitled ‘Destroy’.

To help celebrate our 10th Birthday, more than 70 musicians and visual artists have created a groundbreaking body of collaborative artwork based on Rankin’s iconic portraits of musicians. Artists such as Jarvis Cocker, U2, Debbie Harry, Little Boots, Kylie and visual artists including Damien Hirst have ‘destroyed’ a Rankin print of themselves or a musical hero and turned the image into an original piece of art. Those involved were given the freedom to manipulate their images in any way they wished. View and bid for the items at Youth Music on Ebay


View Brakes artwork at the Youth Music website

Behind the scenes footage with Brakes and Rankin

‘Destroy’- original artwork created by Brighton band Brakes and world renowned photographer Rankin. A rare one-off piece of original art to raise money for Youth Music.

Professional inkjet print on archival paper / digital photomontage and 3-D collage. Framed 20 x 24 inches.

“We cut our figures from the original print, put them in a box and took a photo of it, and then put this in an old advertising hoarding on the seafront, and took a photo of that. It looks as though we have come from outer space and ‘touched down’ into the ocean, and also references our hometown Brighton and a certain timelessness that our music has”. Eamon, Brakes.

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