Brakes 6 Music audio, pics, quotes, guilty pleasures, official secrets

Marc Riley Brakes were on 3 times throughout the show performing songs from their live album Rock Is Dodelijk (i.e. Rock is deadly or lethal) One of the session tracks – What’s In It For Me – is the crazy rock out version from the live album.

Comma Comma Comma Fullstop + Porcupine Or Pineapple: Part One here

Don’t Take Me To Space (Man) + What’s In It For Me: Part Two here

Leaving England (TW on backing + spine-chilling guitar) Part Three here

Marc put a fans question to the White Brothers, resulting in Alex mentioning his love of the band Chicago – “everyone I know has a story about, that was the last time I saw you, you were just banging on all night about Chicago” – and TW’s reply that “we don’t really believe in ‘guilty pleasures’ – if you like something sincerely, that’s fine, it doesn’t matter what it is”

He also asked Tom about his other projects; Restlesslist, Clowns and his solo album got a mention. TW: “I got a record coming out in March. Infact I was a bit cheeky; when we were recording the last Brakes record and these 3 guys were mixing it in the control room, I snuck into the live room and started recording and then ended up with an album – and I’ve just signed to Cooking Vinyl – so as we’re writing the new (Brakes) record I’ll be promoting that”

Marc then plays a few seconds of Restlesslist (Tom says the album’s coming) Marc: “And you’re in another band called Clowns. Bit greedy isn’t he?” TW: “I don’t like days off”. Marc asks Marc from Brakes what he’s doing and he says “me and Alex, I think we’re going to join our friend Matt Eaton, he’s got a new album coming out and we’re going to be his rhythm section”

After ‘Leaving England’, Marc Riley exposes his inner TW fan: “that was staggeringly good, that, not that I think you’re rubbish normally, but that was just something else. And that guitar playing…

Alex said they’re staying with Official Secrets Act… there’s footage of him playing keyboards with them on youtube – before that he was their stand in drummer.

Screenshots from the 6 Music webcam… aka Thomas models his latest suit.

Here’s to a Brakes Session Album one day (it will sound much better than my fan recordings at least) And after all this can you even imagine what the next ESP record will be like… they’ll return one day, with melancholy Music and Lyrics and it will be Out Of This World. Til then watch this space 🙂