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From the Thomas White Myspace

2nd July: Mastermind… So… Nearly there now. Mastering underway, and I have to say it sounds rad as rad can be. Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy (as Marc Riley described The Runaround). Mr Alex White has accompanied me on this little jaunt into Walthamstow – I got a little scared yesterday at the thought of travelling up to the big smoke all on my ownses to get a record mastered in, like, a proper f****** studio and all that (I mastered I Dream Of Black on my Laptop… come to think of it, I don’t think I bothered in the end) so I brought Bruv along for some much needed moral and sonic encouragement. This all feels like a bit of a step up, so a little support for little old me felt justified. On the subject of the album itself, the past week or so has brought some interesting developments re: artwork and videos. I can’t divulge anything more right now, but I will say that both the sleeve and promos will be collaborations with some very interesting people indeed. ‘Til next time… TX