New Thomas White songs

New songs at the Thomas White Myspace – Square One (Rough Instrumental Mix) A Bitter Pill, Look At Them (Guided By Voices cover) The Weekend + Synapse Galaxy.

12 June: People, Due to some surprisingly encouraging reactions to the new stuff recently posted, I’ve taken the dubious decision to post some more. This’ll be it ’til the new album (I don’t want to completely spoil it…) so please enjoy. The two newies are ‘A Bitter Pill’, a mini-epic concerning (among other things) a lovely afternoon spent walking the promenade in Eastbourne… and a cover of Guided By Voices’ ‘Look At Them’. Both will be appearing on the forthcoming LP, ‘The Maximalist’. Bye-bye-ta-ta. TWXXX

Current listening: Mastodon – ‘Blood Mountain’ (Reprise) Robert Wyatt – ‘Cuckooland’ (Hannibal) Quasi – ‘Featuring “Birds”‘ (Domino)

7 June: Couple of newies up to tide you lot over ’til the next record see-eth the light of day. I’ll do my best to rotate the songs up here on the, but you know how these things are. For now, please enjoy two little morsels from the forthcoming ‘The Maximalist’ LP, neither in any way indicative of the sound of the rest of the record, of course.

I must just give a small shout-out to the magnificence that is ‘London Conversations’ – the new Best-of from (Saint Etienne) Words cannot express how chuffed I am that they’ve finally given ‘Lover Plays The Bass’ a UK release – a track previously only available on a French-only 7″ back in 1999. It’s a fuckin’ tune. Also on there are the timeless classics ‘You’re In A Bad Way’, ‘Lose That Girl’, ‘Filthy’ and, of course, ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’. Ruddy brilliant. TWX

Also rocking my world this week:

SUNN O)) – ‘Monoliths And Dimentions’ (Southern Lord LP) Elbow – ‘The Seldom Seen Kid (Fiction LP) REM – ‘Imitation Of Life’ (Warners Single) Fairport Convention – ‘Liege And Lief’ (Island LP) Rival Schools – ‘United By Fate’ (Mercury LP)

Me: You can also now tune in to Thomas White Radio at Last FM – not everything sounds like him but every now and again something good will come up.