Thomas on Tour with Patrick Wolf

Thomas on Tour with Patrick Wolf – fan videos, 6 Music session

1st June: Patrick Wolf and band in session on BBC 6 Music (featuring Thomas White on guitar) – interview, Theseus and Hard Times. Listen Again in this blog post

NME at The Great Escape (video) 1 minute in, B.S.P. talk about seeing Brakes then Patrick Wolf mentions TW: “We’ve gone quite hardcore, I’ve got Tom from the Brakes doing lots of like surf guitar… and I’ve thrown away my ukelele and I’m playing lots of hard Pixies style guitar, all really distorted. So I’ve kind of gone fully electric now which is good”

New album The Bachelor out now: Listen to some songs at the Patrick Wolf Myspace including Hard Times featuring Thomas (he also plays on album track Oblivion) Thomas also enhances many live songs with his guitar skills. Links to some fan videos below.

16 May: Great Escape, Brighton: Watch TristanBluebells

18 May: The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth: Watch The Magic PositionVulture

20 May: The Cockpit, Leeds: Watch BattleAccident & EmergencyA Boy Like Me

25 May: 02 Academy, Birmingham – Videos featuring Thomas…
The Magic Position – Fabulous guitar throughout, Patrick introduces TW at the end.
Vulture – Starts with an out of this world 3 minute guitar intro.
The Messenger – From the new album with beautiful slide guitar.

1 June: Electric Ballroom, London: Watch OblivionHard Times
(songs Thomas plays on from new album, The Bachelor)

Patrick Wolf on Hard Times: “This is for all of you who’ve been fired, this is for all of you who’ve been dumped, this is for all of you who’ve been debauched, this is for all of you with broken hearts, this is for all of you who want to do something that someone tells you no, this is for all of you, these are motherfucking hard times…”

More videos: The Magic PositionBattleThe Bachelor

Patrick Wolf: “It’s been a big adventure, quite a big struggle to get to this point, I had a bit of a moment today seeing the album finally up on the shelves in the record shop… This is the title track off the album, it’s called The Bachelor”

Some videos from the last Tour in the Fan Blog here – also has Thomas White live audio from March.

Patrick Wolf announces new single out 15th June: Hard Times is the second single to be taken from Patricks new fourth album The Bachelor. Following the first single Vulture, Hard Times is a track full of impatience, celebrating the idea of change and revolution. Perhaps the strongest and most powerful track on the album, full of heavy guitar, angry sentiment, yet complimented by a stunning, Turkish style violin and cello riff which dances throughout the track and vocals, Hard Times is a work of art in its own right and continues to show Patricks diversity as an artist and songwriter. Patrick programmed the beats …to be like a panicked soldier on the front line of a war desperately trying to send a message through a walkie talkie, battling against radio interference… The lead guitar solo is played by Tom White from the Brakes and the ondes martenot played by classical composer Thomas Bloch –