Brakes Fan Footage

HEY HEY with live fan footage from King Tuts, 19th April: WATCH HERE

Videos from Oxford, 23rd April:
What’s In It For Me
Isobel/Don’t Take Me To Space (Man)
Cease & Desist
Porcupine Or Pineapple

TW Blog 18th April: Well, we all enjoyed a much needed day off today. Actually it was a partial day off as we had a wee instore at the lovely Avalanche record store in Glasgow. Good it was too. The tour’s been grand so far – Manchester and Leeds being the definite highlights up to now… King Tut’s tomorrow (see video here) where we’re joined again by our favourite Glaswegian buddies Le Reno Amps (last seen wandering off into the Hull night…) for the last time on this tour. Fun times, indeed! TWX