Drift Records interview with Thomas White

1. Which Indie Record Shop did you grow up with? Rounder Records, in Brighton.

2. Which is the best indie record shop you’ve ever been to? Rounder Records, though I’ve never been to Totnes! Avalanche in Glasgow is also particularly good.

3. Which is your local indie and how often do you visit? Either Rounder or Edgeworld, both in Brighton.

4. Why do you like that store? Rounder has pretty much everything that comes out, and a good range of back-catalogue… Edgeworld caters for the lesser known/harder to find stuff.

5. Who is the most exciting musician you have seen in an independent record shop (either playing or browsing the racks)? Bob Monkhouse, browsing the Kid 606 section in Sister Ray.

6. Best band/artist that you’ve heard of via an indie shop that you might have missed had you not been in the right place at the right time? Marnie Stern. She was playing on the stereo in Resident Records in Brighton, and I just had to know who that was playing the guitar.

7. The worst ‘Wallet Punch’ you have taken on impulse purchasing Recently – it involved Christmas On Mars by The Flaming Lips, and tickets to a depressingly expensive (and shite) Mark E Smith solo show.

8. Have you ever heard your own music in an indie shop (how did you feel?) No, but I heard Restlesslist in Mothercare once.

9. The album that you would like your money back on? Not an album, that f****** Mark E Smith gig.

10. You greatest indie record shop experience? Having the sleeves of our records spray painted on the famous ‘back wall’ of Rounder.

11. Your worst indie record shop experience? Being turned down for work in the same place. I got signed instead, which is some consolation I guess…

12. What makes a good indie record shop? Good bands, and people behind the counter who aren’t, ahem, twats.