Updates: Alex + Thomas White / Restlesslist

Alex White is currently stand in drummer for The Official Secrets Act and they have mentioned him a few times in their Myspace Tour Blog

18th March: We’re now back in the flat (flats in berlin are absolutely awesome, Peaches used to live in the flat below the one we’re in) listening to Jay Zs Glastonbury set with our stand in drummer Alex White of Electric Soft Parade/Brakes fame.

13th March: We are standing at the top of the tower of the Dom, Cologne’s super famous, super impressive, gothic cathedral. Alex, our stand in drummer, surveys the bell towers and suggests that religion seems to inspire the most noble and the most foul of human achievements.

Thomas writes: Firstly, may I say what a fab time I had touring with Mr. Patrick Wolf (myspace) An absolute pleasure from beginning to end. You can get the gist from the many videos of the shows posted up on YouTube. Personally, my favourite was most definitely the Heaven show – by that point the band had really started to gel, and everyone properly leaned into it. Big shouts to the whole team for making it special – Patrick, William, Jon, Nick, Vicky, Marcello, Laura and Nick – legends in their own lunchtimes, as they say.

Link: Patrick Wolf at Heaven on youtube

In other news, I must give a quick heads-up to you folk regarding a couple of Brighton-based happenings this coming week. Firstly, we have Stuart Flynn’s Birthday Extravaganza at The West Hill Hall (myspace) this coming Saturday (the 21st). Proceedings will begin around 7.30 and will invariably involve the usual reprobates. Job’s a good ‘un.

Stuart Flynn writes: The Dirty Cakes long awaited CD release gig + extra special support, like a musical truss. ps The lie gets bigger by another year at this, as it is also a birthday show! Join me and my friends, an array of songs and devilry as we fluctuate between celebration and commiseration. Heaven knows there’ll be surprises! (show is free)

Then we have a Restlesslist show the next day (the 22nd). This one could be a little strange – for anyone who knows Brighton well, the venue is somewhere next to the Majestic wine shop, in the arches underneath Brighton Station. Not directly under the bridge, but ’round the corner, if that makes sense! Also appearing will be The Bobby McGees (myspace) and Mr. Jack Cooper (myspace) The whole she-bang should be starting around 8.

Restlesslist write: Matt here with some news. Having returned from Coral Island, the band formerly and currently known as Restlesslist are back in/on the ether with a whole load of new material and our itchy eyes are looking to be in a town soon. This month, there will be a couple of London Shows (to be confirmed), a gig in the arches under Brighton station (22nd March) and another session with our friend and chief plugger, Marc Riley on BBC 6Music (30th March). We will also hopefully be planning more gigs throughout April and May and a new single sometime soon. Also, I (Matt) have been recording Brighton trio Foxes! debut album, which is out soon. They are touring in April joined by me on extras. Check out the dates on their myspace and come down and see us. Very good stuff! More vagueness soon. Happy happy joy joy. Matt x and Restlesslist

Thomas White writes: I will leave you with the news that my forthcoming second solo record has finally found a home. At present I can’t disclose any other information, other than that it is finished, and when I get a minute to myself, I shall put the darn thing out and do the right thing and come to your town and quite possibly play some of it. Good times. TWX