Oh! Forever

Following on from the previous post on Crystal Tunings – it has emerged this song has another title – Oh! Forever – and I prefer the session version to the one they painstakingly made perfect in the studio (this is a fan blog, I can) I don’t know if it’s the dual vocals but there’s something slightly Libertines about it, before Thomas kicks into a guitar line he probably memorised way back when Brothers White reviews namechecked Oasis (but were of course better) In actual fact, Brakes sound just like BRAKES and no-one else. And you never want them  to split up, no matter what’s thrown at them. They’re too good. I know the majority of ESP fans are probably thinking, just give me the new ESP album, I don’t care about this. Well, you should. I also hear echoes of the very early Beatles in the recent session tracks; shambolic, probably extremely merry but at the same time brilliant. They deserve a thousand fan blogs from the heart. I honestly have no idea what’s in the charts at the moment but they should be although this song isn’t a single (it should be) So, play this gorgeous little gem on repeat OH FOREVER What they said…

dalliance.co.uk – “Of the new offerings Crystal Tunings closes the set and is menacingly excellent”

thisisfakediy.co.uk – “before they go they play the beautiful ‘Oh! Forever’ which fills the Foundry with its epic swelling rock noise and the simple refrain of I know it’s you / I know it’s true / Oh! Forever”

cdtimes.co.uk – “listen closely, and you’ll hear the subtle intricacies of Tom White’s guitar lines which set Brakes apart from the traditional power-punk pack, much as Andy Summers put the Police into their own league in the post punk era”