Crystal Tunings quotes

Playing the Undertones songs I got for Xmas, I noticed some of their guitar lines are as brilliant as Brakes (and vice versa) and so here’s a post in their honour… Listen to a new song at I have the urge to go looking for Undertones stuff but should really concentrate on a band that’s just as good and still around. The Undertones Anthology has recordings taken from old C90 tapes (really) which brings back fond memories of tuning into the radio waiting for Brakes to have a session and listening back to the recording on repeat. So this post is for everyone who feels the same way as I do. Some quotes on the new song at their Myspace… – Enjoy some sweet, fuzzy, music, by Brakes. The song is called Crystal Tunings and is nicely winter-ish, reflecting the icy weather we’re getting in Scotland just now. – “Crystal Tunings” starts off with a spacious baseline, adds an avalanche of guitars, and finally the sweet whisper of the vocals unifies the sound. All while moving in a graceful pace that plays out in a meditative journey perfect for sunsets or long sprawling road trips. Dude.

mp3hugger.comBrakes often craft songs of delicate beauty (‘You’re So Pretty’) so ‘Touchdown’ should really be a treat. And by the sound of the promo ‘Crystal Tunings’ the band have got deep down and dirty sounding like an agitated pair of Glaswegian brothers. – If Crystal Tunings is representative of the album then it’s certain to be in the end of year favourites lists for 2009.

stopme.wordpress.comBrakes have just made a track from their forthcoming 2009 album available.  If it’s anything to go by, they’ve eschewed the quirky Country influenced Pop-Rock of previous records in favour of pursuing the Epic take on The Velvet Underground favoured by Jason Pierce.  ‘Crystal Tunings’ is Cathedral like in it’s scale, beauty and majesty. – Not a supergroup but still pretty super, the Brighton quartet re-emerge with a glowing and understated grower. Let’s facetiously label it “fireside rock”.