New Albums For 2009!!!

Latest news from the Electric Soft Parade Myspace Just a quick round-robin to draw your attentions to some White Brothers-related releases coming your way in 2009:

As you may already know, a new Brakes record is now finished and ready for an April release. The album, entitled ‘Touchdown’, was recorded in Glasgow with former Delgados drummer Paul Savage, and will be in all good (and some shit) record stores on the 20th of that month. Yowza. The band head out for a short UK tour in support of first single ‘Hey Hey’ at the end of January. Check their Myspace for dates and deets.

On a solo note, Thomas has now completed two (yes, two) new albums, the first of which he is currently mastering/sequencing and sorting a label for. What with schedules being what they are, it’s unlikely they’ll see the light of day this side of summer, so in the meantime, head down to his Myspace for a taster. Why not ask to be his mate, too – he might even accept!

In other Brighton news, we have new Restlesslist and Pipettes albums in the, er, pipeline (check both bands’ myspaces/webpages for up-to-date information), not to mention the solo debut album from Rose Elinor Dougall. If her recent shows were anything to go by, it should be lushness in the extreme. With bells on.

And finally we come to the news of a forthcoming (fourth) ESP longplayer. Tentatively titled ‘Blue Music’, the (20-track double) album will include live favourites of the past year ‘Things Snowball’ and ‘We Don’t Need To Fight Anymore’, both previously heard here on Myspace More details on that later.

Oh, and a Happy New Year to one and all!!!!!! luv, ESP X